Play-and-Share Promos

All of the Play-and-Share Promos in One Place


The FFG Play-and-Share Campaign has officially come to a close. On behalf of everyone at Organized Play, we'd like to give a huge thanks to everyone who participated!

In case you missed out on any of the print-and-play promos that were unlocked as part of this campaign, you'll find each of them listed below!

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Daisy Walker (Standard) 

Daisy Walker (Parallel)

“Skids” O’Toole (Standard)

“Skids” O’Toole (Parallel)

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

Cloud the Mind

Fiery Vengeance

In Search of Self

Ornate Fan

Speak to the Heart

Tides of War

Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Black Panther Resource Cards

Captain America Resource Cards

Captain Marvel Resource Cards

Iron Man Resource Cards

Ms. Marvel Resource Cards

She-Hulk Resource Cards

Spider-Man Resource Cards

Thor Resource Cards

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