Freelance Opportunities


We commission full-color, fantastic artwork across a variety of styles and genres. Interested, talented, and professional illustrators should email us at [email protected] with an introduction and a link to an online portfolio for freelance opportunities.

Graphic Designers

We are looking for highly creative Graphic Designers with mastery of Adobe Creative Suite to contribute to game products in development. Interested Graphic Designers should email an introduction and a link to their online portfolio at [email protected].

Digital Sculptors

We are looking for talented, professional digital Sculptors to create sculpts for miniatures and componentry for our games. We commission sculpts across a wide variety of styles and game types. Interested sculptors should email us at [email protected] with an introduction and a link to an online portfolio.

Cultural Consultants and Sensitivity Readers

Fantasy Flight Games aims to create games that are for everyone. To help us in our efforts, we are looking to expand our pool of freelance cultural consultants and sensitivity readers to improve the representation of marginalized communities in our games. Interested reviewers and consultants should email a cover letter with their experience and areas of expertise to [email protected].