Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-orders

Pre-orders are a convenient way for fans to order new products ahead of their release dates. We always recommend that players pre-order our products through their local hobby games retailer to support and ensure the well-being of local hobby gaming communities.

For those who prefer to pre-order new products directly from the our web site, please read the below FAQ to address any questions about our pre-order program.

If I pre-order directly from your web site, am I assured that you will not sell out before shipping my order?

How is a Late Pre-order different from a Pre-order?

When will I receive my pre-ordered product from you?

How will the product be shipped when it becomes available?

Can I place a pre-order for international shipping?

Can I cancel my pre-order?

What if I need to change information on my pre-order?

I placed my pre-order but my card was only charged for $1.00. What should I do?

How long will it take my pre-order to ship?

Can I place a pre-order along with products that are currently available?

Can I place one pre-order for a number of different products that are not shipping yet?

Why does it say "Est. Tax" when I place my pre-order?