On the Road Again

Announcing the Parallel Investigator of "Ashcan" Pete for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


Check out this preview of the next parallel investigator for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, presented by designer Nick Kory!

You’ve been on the road for as long as you can remember, always moving from one place to another. As you make your camp in the woods outside of Arkham, you can’t shake the feeling that you’ve somehow been here before. Not just in the woods, but in this exact moment. You look to your side, as if you expected to see a companion there – a loyal hound dog, perhaps – but you only see your guitar, worn but reliable. Sighing to nobody but yourself, you begin to settle in for another restless night.

The veil once again grows thin, giving us a peek into the Arkham that could’ve been! We’re excited to announce the return to parallel investigators. This time, we get a look at parallel “Ashcan” Pete with a brand-new set of signatures!

On the Road Again

“Ashcan” Pete (Parallel Investigators, 46) has been a fan-favorite investigator since Arkham Horror: The Board Game’s second edition. Parallel Pete is a master of his environment, making the most of the resources available to him to set traps, lay ambushes, and find shortcuts. And when one of his cards that is attached to a scenario card – like a location or an enemy – is discarded from play, Pete can return it to his hand instead, getting ready to attach that same card again later.

With his loyal dog Duke by his side, Pete has wandered into and out of a great many stories of mystery and terror. With “Ashcan” getting the parallel treatment, how do you improve on the already best of good boys, Duke? The answer to that question is, of course, you can’t! Instead, we’ve decided to introduce an entirely new set of Replacement signatures. Just like the replacement signatures first introduced in the line of Arkham Horror novellas, this new signature asset and weakness can replace the existing signatures in Pete’s Deckbuilding Requirements, or they can be included alongside the originals.

With Pete’s Guitar (Parallel Investigators, 47), “Ashcan” can use it to help direct enemies, luring them into his trap-laden locations or away from vulnerable allies. Then, after doing so, if there are no enemies in his location, he may heal a horror or gain a resource. Additionally, if you’re playing with the front side of parallel “Ashcan” Pete and you’re including the guitar in your deck, then you get to start with it in play!

But things aren’t always so easy for “Ashcan” Pete, and this holds true for his parallel version. His replacement signature weakness, Hard Times (Parallel Investigators, 48), keeps his options limited. While Hard Times is in play in Pete’s threat area, he is forced to discard a card from hand any time he draws 1 or more cards.

"We got work to do...”

Moreso than any other parallel investigator previously released, “Ashcan” Pete gives players the most options for customizing your play experience. You can run any combination of parallel and original front and back for “Ashcan”, and on top of that you can include either his original signatures, his replacement signatures, or both! If you want to try out the parallel version of “Ashcan” Pete, you can download the cards (8.47 MB) and the rules insert (2.79 MB) today.

Dive into a new campaign with the parallel version of “Ashcan” Pete, and look for new parallel investigators in the coming months!

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