25 March 2021 | Star Wars: Legion

An Armored Advance

Announcing the A-A5 Speeder Truck Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion

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Getting troops safely to the front lines is vital in times of war and armored transports are the ubiquitous vehicle assigned to the task. For the Rebel Alliance, the acquisition of these assets often turns to the repurposing of civilian vehicles, and such is the case of the A-A5 Speeder Truck. Designed as a cargo transport for harsh environments, these already robust vehicles are further reinforced with armor plating and equipped with powerful turret mounted weaponry when deployed to the battlefield.

Armored transports serve a crucial role in many Rebel strategies and soon you can protect your troops and their advance by adding the A-A5 Speeder Truck Unit Expansion to your arsenal! This expansion features a vehicle miniature with a fully-detailed interior and two turret-mounted weapon options. The doors of the A-A5 can be modelled closed or open to reveal the detail inside and a clear windshield shows the interior of the cockpit and a pilot. This expansion opens up new tactical options never before available to the Rebel Alliance, and is sure to find a place among many player's favorite strategies. Read on to learn more about how the A-A5 Speeder Truck Unit Expansion might fit into your battle plans!

Mobile Command

The A-A5 can serve a greater purpose than safely getting your units where they are needed most. Enter Shriv Surgaav , celebrated hero from Star Wars™: Battlefront II. With Shriv behind the wheel, the A-A5 becomes a mobile command center, enabling him to issue orders safely behind armored walls. Not only does this free up valuable points, as your A-A5 Speeder Truck can now serve as your commander, Shriv's ability to hand out dodge tokens to nearby units also offers welcome support for nearby Rebel units. This ability can even hand out an optional suppression token, which could be quite useful for units that have Danger Sense, like the or Jyn Erso . It should also be noted that Shriv’s expertise is not limited to piloting the A-A5 Speeder Truck and he could alternatively take the controls of a X-34 Landspeeder or even zip about the battlefield in a T-47 Airspeeder !

If the inclusion of this Field Commander was not enough, an A-A5 can further coordinate your forces by use of an Onboard Comms Channel . This handy upgrade can ensure that your transport and the unit inside can work in unison, ensuring the disembarkation of your troops goes as planned.

Outfitted for Battle

Through the A-A5 does not come equipped with standard weaponry, it does have two options for outfitting it with turret-mounted laser cannons. Rebel forces looking for longer range fire support may be interested in the Heavy Laser Retrofit . The weapon’s range of 4 and Critical 1 keyword make it an inexpensive option to pick off long range targets, even in cover. If you are in the market for more firepower, the AG-2G Quad Laser brings double the dice and Impact 2, turning this humble transport into a weapons platform capable of breaching enemy armor.

In addition to these weapon options, the A-A5 comes packed with crew and pilot options that help define its battlefield role, and the inclusion of two crew slots and a pilot slot for the vehicle can present some custom-tailored combinations. For example, players after a way to better neutralize enemies in cover may want to enlist the help of a Hotshot Pilot for the Sharpshooter 1 bonus to the attack pool.

If you are looking to get your A-A5 right into the thick of things with an aggressive advance, a Reckless Driver can help displace enemy troopers and hopefully take a few out in the process! Such recklessness could provide a perfect tool to help clear objectives of enemy troopers for your transported unit to secure. This is just a sample of the available pilot options. There are four more crew options that we will reveal via social media as we get closer to release, and we look forward to revealing some of our favorite options for building out this versatile vehicle!

A New Resource

The A-A5 Speeder Truck offers a whole new set of tactical options for the Rebel Alliance. The flexibility of the upgrade cards, the inclusion of a Field Commander option, and the Transport: Closed keyword on this unit can present bold new strategies and offer up a number of synergistic interactions previously unavailable to the faction. Be sure to keep an eye on Atomic Mass Games’ social media as we show off more of the exciting new options available in this expansion!

Look for the A-A5 Speeder Truck at your local retailer in May. You can pre-order your copies of these expansions at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States!

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