19 February 2021 | Star Wars: Legion

The Hunt Continues

Check Out Our Preview of the Agent Kallus Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion

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"All troopers, focus your fire on the...the Jedi!"
   –Agent Kallus, Star Wars™: Rebels

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When the threat of Rebel insurgency is sufficient to warrant appropriate action, the agents of the Galactic Empire’s Imperial Security Bureau are deployed. Utilizing ruthless tactics and sheer cunning, the ISB quickly addresses any lapse in loyalty to the Imperial cause. Today we delve deeper into the methods of one of the organization’s most senior members in the Agent Kallus Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

Aleksandr Kallus is a formidable operative with considerable combat ability in the field, though his true strength can be found orchestrating his forces and anticipating his prey. His three signature command cards give him the chance to influence your entire army’s strategy at key points of a battle and playing the right card at the right time could shift the momentum in your favor. What’s more, as a commander, you can equip Agent Kallus with an array of upgrades that further enhance his ability to help friendly units.

In our announcement, we told you about Agent Kallus’ flexibility in making contingency plans that offer greater options in the Command Phase. Read on as we reveal the rest of his command cards, his flawed card, and how he can best fit into your battle plans!

Disruption and Disarray

Knowing your foe is crucial to anticipating their attack, and Agent Kallus excels at doing his research. By carefully orchestrating an ISB Investigation into the key players of the opposition, Kallus can curtail tactical avenues and disrupt the enemy’s plans with ease. This command card requires you to think ahead but can be pivotal – closing off options for your opponent at just the right time. Moving into melee combat with the likes of Luke Skywalker may be a death sentence for most, but Kallus can even make a jedi more manageable with some proper planning. The effect of this command card can turn off a devastating play like Son of Skywalker and other 1-pip cards in the subsequent round. Following up with Kallus’ Face Me card in the next Command Phase could further even the odds against such a powerful foe by insuring Kallus will activate first, possibly moving in to grab a dodge token or two from the Agile 1 keyword granted this round which will help him block any lightsaber strikes. Even if the enemy commander has some tricks in mind, this reliability is further backed up by Kallus’ Cunning keyword, which will break any ties when determining priority should some trickery unfold.

Focused Fire

In the chaos of the battlefield, identifying primary targets is vital for a coordinated attack. Showing no mercy, Kallus employs Ruthless Tactics when pursuing his prey – calling out threats so his forces can readily prioritize their fire. This effect becomes more potent if the enemy is suppressed to a level equal or beyond their courage value, making for a natural synergy with supporting forces with the Suppressive keyword. The observation tokens granted by this command card allow subsequent units to spend the tokens to reroll attack results. Notably, each attack on an enemy unit applies an observation token to their target afterwards, so focusing fire with multiple units can yield benefits throughout the round. These observation tokens can be built up for a powerful culminating attack, or spent incrementally, benefitting each unit as needed after the first. In addition, Kallus can perform a free recover action after playing this card, allowing him to ready useful upgrades that exhaust like Ascension Cables or to reconfigure his J-19 Bo-rifle for ranged or melee combat.

Waivering Loyalty

Though the ISB prides themselves as being the enforcers of loyalty to the Galactic Empire, the dedication required to uphold these ideals can come at a cost. Over the course of Star Wars™: Rebels Kallus had Developing Sympathies for the Rebels he hunted, eventually questioning his allegiances altogether as his narrative progressed. In terms of gameplay, this flawed card is a tool your opponent can leverage at an inopportune time, causing Kallus to make some difficult decisions. Thankfully Kallus’ can surround himself with a number of options to help mitigate the effects of this card. Simply keeping Kallus at full health prevents your opponent from playing his flawed card, so keeping Kallus out of sight until he is ready to strike or healing him up with supporting units and upgrades can keep his loyalties sound. Alternatively, if you want to stay aggressive and simply try to mitigate the suppression, upgrades like Endurance or Strict Orders can help keep Kallus from falling back during his next activation.

No Assignment Too Difficult

Agent Kallus is a tactically flexible support commander for your Imperial Forces whose options in armament, tactics and contingency plans allow him to respond to any threat. His cunning forethought systematically eliminates the enemy’s options while increasing his own chances for success. Beware enemies of the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Security Bureau likely knows your next move, and they will be ready!

Look for the Agent Kallus Commander Expansion (SWL80) at your local retailer in March 2021. Pre-order your copies at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States–here!  

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