Announcing the Sixth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion Cycle


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The pursuit of honor lies at the core of samurai life. Though different clans may seek to attain honor in different ways, or even have different definitions of what it means, at least maintaining the appearance of honor is essential to life in Rokugan—and no less essential for your games of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Atonement, the sixth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion cycle, offering every clan a host of new ways to fight for their honor.

As the sixth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion cycle, the cards in this pack command attention with the new eminent and rally keywords, while also giving every Great Clan the tools they need to fight for honor. With a new Dragon stronghold, two new province cards, a World Champion-designed card, and a card created in conjunction with the Legend of the Five Rings community, Atonement is a Dynasty Pack that no fan will want to miss.

War of Honor

Within the Atonement Dynasty Pack, you’ll find great emphasis placed on honor, and every clan has different ways to realize that potential. In many cases, you’ll have ways to honor the characters under your control, starting with the character designed by the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game community, Worldly Shiotome (Atonement, 126). This affordable character can be honored whenever you play a Gaijin card, making her a worthy investment so long as you’re dabbling with technology or personages from beyond the borders of Rokugan.

Other characters in this pack become honored when your opponent acts with dishonor. The Shiba Pureheart (Atonement, 123) lets you honor any of your characters after your opponent declares their second conflict against you, helping you to bolster your defenses in the face of an aggressive rival. In the Lion Clan, a Righteous Samurai (Atonement, 121) honors any character if an opponent’s card or ring effect would force you to lose honor, helping you to forcefully reclaim your position.

This pack also introduces a brand-new card designed by 2018 World Champion Erik Baalhuis, the Daidoji Yari (Atonement, 131). While it doesn’t give you a way to honor your characters, this restricted Weapon still rewards you for playing more honorably than your opponent—so long as your honor bid is lower than an opponent, each of that opponent’s characters loses the covert keyword! By pursuing the path of honor, even your most stealthy enemies will find themselves forced onto a level playing field.

While she may not be intent on dishonoring other clans, the Dragon Clan’s Champion Agasha Sumiko (Atonement, 120) is intent on maintaining order and parity between the Great Clans. When she leaves play, your opponent could lose honor, fate, and cards if they have more of those resources than you do, making Agasha Sumiko an exceptional way to keep yourself in the game when another player seems to be surging ahead.

Other clans, however, are more intent on actively dishonoring their enemies, suffering any cost in order to achieve victory. The Crab Clan’s new Fire and Oil (Atonement, 118) holding, for example, is perfect for defending your most crucial provinces. You simply need to lose an honor to dishonor an attacking character—blunting their onslaught and perhaps saving your province.

For the Scorpion, who boast countless ways to profit from dishonor, a new attachment provides a potent way to drain your opponent’s honor. Compromised Secrets (Atonement, 135) can only be played if you are less honorable than an opponent, but once it’s in play, it promises to siphon your opponent’s honor away. So long as a character has Compromised Secrets attached, its controller must give you an honor in order to trigger that character’s ability, which can certainly put a damper on their plans for their most powerful characters.

The Honor of a Samurai

No matter which clan you play, no matter what your strategy for winning, honor forms a central part of your games of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. With the upcoming Atonement Dynasty Pack, every Great Clan gains new ways to put the struggle for honor into the spotlight.

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