27 October 2017 | Star Wars: Destiny

Your First Steps

Preview Two New Starter Sets for Star Wars: Destiny

"You've taken your first step into a larger world"
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

Legacies marks a bold new direction for Star Wars™: Destiny.. It introduces brand-new mechanics like Indirect Damage and Plot Cards, while expanding on the existing options for all colors and factions. And the booster packs aren't the only thing that's changing—alongside the Legacies booster packs, you'll find two new starter sets that feature some of the most recognizable characters in the Star Wars galaxy.

Today, we’re previewing the Luke Skywalker Starter Set and the Boba Fett Starter Set that will be released alongside Legacies boosters this winter!

These starter sets will be in print for one year and mark the perfect entry point into Star Wars: Destiny. Whether you want to be a ruthless bounty hunter or a hero of the rebellion, there's no better place to take the first step into the larger world of Star Wars: Destiny!

The Bounty Hunter

The Boba Fett Starter Set features an elite version of the bounty hunter himself (Legacies, 19) as well as a Veteran Stormtrooper (Legacies, 13), meaning the rest of the deck is filled with yellow and red events, upgrades, and supports dedicated to enhancing these characters.

Across the galaxy, there are few who don't tremble at the name of Boba Fett. A fierce bounty hunter, Boba Fett's die already features plenty of ways to do damage. However, his special ability allows him to use every tool at his disposal to the fullest, dealing damage to a character equal to the value of any other die on the field. With the support of the ranged and indirect damage of a Veteran Stormtrooper, Boba Fett can overcome any obstacle in his way.

The dread Boba Fett’s most faithful support is his starship, the intimidating Slave 1 (Legacies, 25). Half of Slave 1’s die sides show damage, making it an intimidating vehicle to face on the battlefield, and with a side showing three damage, Boba Fett's special ability can potentially use Slave 1 as a source of major damage. Furthermore, it’s Power Action lets you not only reroll one of your own die, but remove your opponent's. Like many of the tools at Boba Fett’s disposal, Slave 1 is versatile, and almost never a bad play.

Like Slave 1, Wrist Rockets (Legacies, 27) can provide devastating damage to your opponent’s characters. The Wrist Rockets’ special symbol can dish out four damage to your opponent’s characters if you have a resource to spend, and with a four indirect damage side, the Wrist Rockets die can be another prime target for Boba Fett.

While these vehicles and weapons are deadly, the Boba Fett Starter Set is also supplemented by Red events, supports, and upgrades.

Boba Fett and his weapons rely on indirect damage to put pressure on his opponents, luckily, cards like Locked and Loaded  (Legacies, 139) allow you to turn two of your dice to sides showing indirect damage. While you won’t be able to control where this damage goes, spotting the Veteran Stormtrooper to play Locked and Loaded can send a barrage of damage at your opponent between Slave 1 and Wrist Rockets.

The Boba Fett Starter Set also features plenty of ways to disrupt your opponent. Crash Landing  (Legacies, 137) lets you remove a die showing damage at the cost of indirect damage to yourself. Dealing indirect damage to yourself is a major theme in the Legacies booster packs, and supplementing the Boba Fett Starter Set with cards from Legacies can turn cards like this into a major advantage.

This disruption theme continues with the battlefield found in the Boba Fett Starter Set, Arid Wasteland  (Legacies, 174). Stranding your opponent in the dry desert can force them to lose resources when you claim the battlefield… and if your enemies don’t have the resources to keep up with the equipment purchased by the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy, they don’t stand a chance.

A New Hope

While Boba Fett is an intimidating character to defeat, standing against him are heroes of the Rebellion featured in the Luke Skywalker Starter Set, Luke Skywalker  (Legacies, 31) and Han Solo (Legacies, 46).

With the power of the Force, Luke can use his Power Action to resolve one of his character or upgrade dice, increasing its value by two for the cost of two resources. Ultimately, this puts Luke's destiny in his own hands, as the capable farmboy gains bursts of power to significantly damage his foes or gain lots of shields. Coupled with Han Solo's ability to reroll a die after he activates, the heroes can always make sure the odds come up in their favor.

While the Boba Fett Starter Set focuses on a mix of Yellow and Red cards, the Luke Skywalker Set focuses on the force training of  young Skywalker, and intermixes Blue and Yellow cards.

The Luke Skywalker Starter Set introduces new Force powers to the world of Destiny. Force Focus  (Legacies, 56) does not directly damage your opponent, but can provide excellent support for your own characters. Whether it’s shields or the ability to manipulate dice on the field, Force Focus helps you stay in control.

The Luke Skywalker Starter Set also features the Heirloom Lightsaber  (Legacies, 58), the latest in a long line of Blue weapons that can provide melee damage. The Heirloom Lightsaber can be used by any character, but gains the Redeploy keyword when it's wielded by a character who can understand the history and legacy of the ancient weapon.

Luke’s Force training is intermixed with the action efficiency of Han's smuggler ways. By combining multiple actions into a single turn, the Yellow cards featured in the Luke Skywalker Starter Set are sure to give you an advantage.

For example, the new version of the Millennium Falcon  (Legacies, 52) can not only dish out damage, but allows you to activate a character after you activate this support, giving Yellow’s trademark action efficiency to the deck and essentially letting you roll out a powerful support every round without losing momentum.

Events like Impulsive  (Legacies, 119) continually give you the ability to take multiple actions a turn, resolving a die before taking an additional action. By resolving a die and then taking another action, you may gain the resources that you need to immediately play a powerful card, or resolve two different types of damage on the same turn.  

Meanwhile, Maz's Vault  ( Legacies, 122) fundamentally alters the way the game is played by giving each player an additional resource during the upkeep phase. While on paper this helps you as much as it helps your opponent, if you've built your deck to capitalize on extra resources, it might give you the resources you need to take control of the game.

And as you stockpile your resources, if you’re able to claim the battlefield found in the Luke Skywalker Starter Set, Outer Rim Outpost  (Legacies, 178), you can gain an additional resource and a card, setting you up for a big turn during the next round as you gain the strength you need to defeat Boba Fett in battle.

A New Legacy

Both Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett’s fathers’ legacy looms over them in their adventures throughout the galaxy. With these two starter sets, you can choose their destiny. Will you embrace the fearsome bounty hunter or become a hero of the rebellion?

Make your choice and pre-order the Boba Fett Starter Set (SWD09) and the Luke Skywalker Starter Set (SWD10) from your local retailer or from our website!

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