10 January 2020 | Star Wars: Destiny

Making a Deal

Preview Scavengers and Pirates in Covert Missions

“I'm not gonna trade anything. These are my parts. They stole from me.”
 –The Mandalorian, The Mandolorian

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While war ravages the galaxy, pilots, scavengers, and pirates simply look for a way to survive. While scavengers scrape by to survive with their wits and roguish tendencies, pirates take to the stars in search of fame and fortune. Whatever path you find yourself on, aligning with these rogues can give your team the boost they need to find victory in the battles of Star Wars™: Destiny.

Join us today as we preview the Scavengers and Pirates found in Covert Missions, the next set of boosters releasing in the first quarter of 2020!

Covert Missions introduces 160 new cards to the game, placing an emphasis on alternate win conditions as well as Pilots, Jedi, Sith, Scavengers, and Pirates who can alter the fate of the galaxy. 

The Life of a Scavenger

Scavengers permeate the galaxy, getting by on scraps and pieces while striking deals with others to get the credits they need to survive another day in the Outer Rim. While these Scavengers may seem innocuous enough, they can be vital assets to your team, especially with their own set of unique skills and equipment.

Nar Shaddaa is the perfect place to disappear in the galaxy, a hub of scum and villainy filled with scavengers and thieves just waiting for opportunity to strike. The Nar Shadaa Thief (Covert Missions, 129) won’t be dealing much damage without any upgrades, but can still pester your opponent by stealing their valuable resources. But that’s not all this Scavenger has in store. Upgrading the Thief with a Magna-Glove (Covert Missions, 145) can let you steal your opponent’s weapons and equipment right off of them! And if a Scavenger like the thief is around, you can immediately turn the tables on your foe!

But the Nar Shaddaa Thief isn’t the only Scavenger to be found in Covert Missions. The Jawa Junk Dealer (Covert Missions, 147) is a master negotiator in his little pocket of the galaxy. Whenever you activate the Junk Dealer, you can play a Gray neutral card at a discounted price. Using this ability for a Harmless Trick (Covert Missions, 150), is a surefire way to remove a die for free, letting these little Jawas throw a wrench into your opponent’s plans! Of course, Jawas rarely work alone. In their roaming Sandcrawlers (Covert Missions, 155), an entire clan of Jawas can be transported from outpost to outpost. In Star Wars: Destiny, a Sandcrawler can provide a whole army of Jawas for your team, provided you're able to discard the top 4 cards of your deck. With a Sandcrawler on your side, you’ll have no shortage of Jawa Junk Dealers making deals across the galaxy.

Scavengers get by however they can in the galaxy, their Rogue Tendencies (Covert Missions, 135) ensuring they live to see another day.

A Pirate’s Life

While Scavengers search for scraps, Pirates take what is theirs, travelling the galaxy is search of  fortune to call their own. At the dawn of the New Republic, the Warbird Gang took to the stars, looking to make their mark with a strategic alliance with the First Order. The gang's leader, Kragan Gorr (Covert Missions, 39) made them one of the fiercest pirate gangs in the galaxy. A ruthless entrepreneur, Gorr gives you the opportunity to rob your opponent of their resources if they aren’t prepared to defend themselves, and can overwhelm your opponent if you have other Pirates on your team. His partner in crime  Synara San (Covert Missions, 41), perfectly pairs with Gorr to form an elite team. Synara is a Pirate who is just as ruthless as Kragan, forcing your opponent to discard cards from their hand if they have no dice showing damage. By robbing your opponent of their resources and cards, they’ll be left with few actions when the Warbird Gang is around!

Of course, what good is a pirate without a ship? Adding a Pirate Ship (Covert Missions, 49) to your team lets the Warbird Gang do what they do best, acting as one in the pursuit of fame and fortune. By using the Pirate Ship’s ability, you can clear your opponent’s dice pool of damage-dealing die, freeing Kragan Gorr and Synara San to use their abilities or coordinate an Opportune Strike (Covert Missions, 46).

Whatever your plan, the Warbird Gang will be there for opportunity and profit. As long as you have the means to remove damage dice, your Pirates will thrive and lead you to overwhelming victory. 

Roguish Tendencies

Whether you’re a pirate, a scavenger, or all around scoundrel, everyone needs to get paid to get by in the galaxy. Is this the path you’ll walk when Covert Missions releases in the first quarter of 2020?

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