27 April 2016 | Runebound

Calling All Heroes!

Announcing Two New Expansions for Runebound


Webs dripped from the city, covering walls and towers alike with a foul, funereal shroud. Tiny spiders moved in rapid swarms and devoured small mammals, while muffled screams emanated from the darkened alleys where the larger insects went to feed. Jonas the Kind walked up the center of this corrupted street, his steel-shod staff held loosely in his right hand. At the center of the town he stopped, spoke a quiet word, and kindled a flame in his open palm. Tamalir had been tainted by evil long enough—and Jonas would be the hero to cleanse it.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce two new Runebound expansions: Caught in a Web and The Gilded Blade!

The world of Terrinoth is a vibrant realm of adventure and danger. Anything can happen, and the actions of a few fearless heroes can change the fate of the entire nation. In every game of Runebound, you and your fellow players become fearless heroes, adventuring across the land, gaining new skills and assets, and testing your might against an intractable evil. You decide the path your hero follows—where your steps will take you, what challenges you’ll undertake, and what kind of hero you want to become. Now, with two new expansions for Runebound, you have even more options to decide your hero’s path and experience the world of Terrinoth. 

These two expansions fall into distinct categories. Caught in a Web is a Scenario Pack, introducing an entirely new scenario with new adventure cards for combat, exploration, and social encounters and a new deck of story cards to drive the scenario forward. The Gilded Blade, on the other hand, is an Adventure Pack, and adds more replayability to every scenario. Here, you’ll find new asset and skill cards, giving you entirely new ways to customize your heroes, while new adventure cards can be used to change the flavor of any scenario. With a new hero and brand-new combat tokens in both of these expansions, you’ll be able to experience more of Terrinoth in every game of Runebound.

Caught in a Web

The sorceress Ariad once more schemes to conquer Terrinoth with the Caught in a Web Scenario Pack. Now, she commands her arachnid minions to spread insidiously throughout the realm, spinning webs, injecting venom, and preparing for their mistress to cover the world in darkness. 

As we mentioned above, Caught in a Web is a Scenario Pack that introduces an entirely new scenario to Runebound. Throughout the course of this scenario , story cards and adventure cards will cause webs to be placed across the map. These webs restrict the heroes’ movement, but they can be destroyed if you’re willing to expend the effort. At the end of the first act, the sorceress Ariad transforms into her spider form and begins to move around the realm. If she places a web in each of the four major cities, all of the heroes lose the game. The only way you can win is by tracking down Ariad and defeating her in battle before another hero can reach her!

Along the way, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with new and hideous monsters or terrifying perils. You may encounter an Arachyura , a spider-like creature that can trap you in its webs and deal lingering damage even after it’s defeated. You may track a nest of spiders to the Smokeblue Hills, or delve deep into tunnels that riddle the ground beneath Terrinoth. Fortunately, a new hero also arrives to save Terrinoth with this expansion: Jonas the Kind. Jonas possesses many unexpected skills learned in a life of crime, but now he uses those same skills to defend the innocent from monsters. 

The Gilded Blade

Once a year, the merchants and civilians of Terrinoth come together in a time of celebration and commerce. The most talented craftsmen and the slickest charlatans alike operate under the sign of the Gilded Blade. As new wonders are unveiled and pickpockets work the crowds, even a noble hero can find much to interest him at this gathering.

The Gilded Blade Adventure Pack expands the world of Terrinoth in every game of Runebound with new sets of skill cards and asset cards that can increase your options for any scenario. New goods like Contraband vary in their return based on how good you are at exploring. Meanwhile, you could claim a skill card like Superiority Complex , which grants you a free trophy whenever another hero is defeated! These assets and skills can be swapped for other sets in your asset or skill decks, giving you the chance to customize your hero more than ever before.

Along with skill and asset cards, this Adventure Pack offers a variety of new adventure cards that can be added to any scenario. You may face off against a Highway Gang that attempts to surround and rob you, but thankfully for the heroes, a new hero also joins the game of Runebound in this expansion. Red Scorpion is a solitary wanderer, and her unnatural agility helps her easily outmaneuver her foes. Whether you take on the sorceress Ariad or battle Dragonlord Margath with Red Scorpion, her flurry of blades spells doom for any enemy of Terrinoth. 

Heed the Call

New heroes are coming for Runebound, and with them, you’ll find new adventures beyond the horizon. Whether you battle spiders and burn webs across the realm or peruse the market stalls in search of new equipment, these two expansion packs offer new options for every game. Stay tuned for more previews and look for Caught in a Web and The Gilded Blade in the third quarter of 2016!

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