27 July 2017 | Runebound

Adventurers Assemble

The Unbreakable Bonds Expansion for Runebound Third Edition Is Available Now


The heroes of Terrinoth are known to live a solitary existence, favoring uninhibited adventure over the companionship offered by a team. But as dangers grow across the realm, defenders will have to band together to beat back the impossible odds that face them. The safety of the Free Cities must outweigh old rivalries, but setting their differences aside may prove to be the most difficult task the adventurers have ever attempted.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the Unbreakable Bonds expansion for Runebound Third Edition is now available! With new heroes, scenarios, and forms of gameplay, as well as a wide variety of new asset and skill cards, this expansion offers players hours of enhanced gameplay to unite and pursue glory!

Unlikely Partnership

Unbreakable Bonds unites two new heroes of the Runebound universe. The famous elven warrior Eliam is renowned for the lightning speed of his twin blades and the cruel joy he takes in destroying his enemies. But despite his fame, the bold adventurer must constantly seek high-paying quests to fund his lavish lifestyle. Meanwhile Tatianna, the master huntress, seeks fortune not for herself, but to ensure the survival of her tribe. These unlikely allies must come together to face adversaries more powerful than any they have encountered.

Forming a band offers adventurers a unique set of advantages new to Runebound gameplay. Once heroes have formed a band by moving into the same space, they move as a single group, allowing them to traverse greater distances with each hero moving the entire party during their turn. The group dynamic also gives players the opportunity to learn Party Skills to strengthen them against the enemies they may face.

However, these skills are only available to those who fight as a part of the group. If any hero abandons the party, they forfeit their access to the Party Skills, as any personal pursuit of glory must always come with a price. But if a player chooses to return to the party, and their fellow party members allow them back in, they can use the Party Skills without having to relearn them.

A Dangerous World

Unbreakable Bonds introduces both cooperative and solo gameplay to three player-favorite scenarios: The Corpse King, Caught in a Web, and The Ascendance of Margath, and offers two brand new adventures unique to the Unbreakable Bonds expansion.

In The Red Death, the towns of Terrinoth are ravaged by a strange fever that turns the skin and eyes of its victims a terrifying red while also covering them with painful boils. To put a stop to this plague, heroes must gather ingredients and find a cure before more innocent lives are lost. The one who finds a cure will undoubtedly be lavished with fame and fortune from the grateful people, but it may be worthwhile to share the glory with another to guarantee the cure is found before Death catches Terrinoth’s heroes in its clutches.

Evil emerges from the Ru Darklands in Locust Swarm. Uthuk Y’llan warbands are spreading throughout the realm, attacking any shrine, village, or city that they can defeat without a fight. Adventurers will battle an army of Mystics, Tricksters, Warriors, and Savages armed with only their small cache of weapons, their cunning, and just a little luck. With the odds so greatly stacked against them, heroes may be forced to forget their competitive natures and work together, if only temporarily. To save the realm, the heroes of Runebound must find a way to push back the swarm and end the Locust Swarm’s demonic reign.

Gather Your Party

The times grow dark and Terrinoth needs heroes. Take up your sword, strap on your walking boots, and band together to form Unbreakable Bonds!

Look for Unbreakable Bonds (RB06) on sale at your local retailer or online today!

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