11 November 2015 | Runebound

Battling for Terrinoth

Announcing the Runebound Combat Tokens


The third edition of Runebound is fast approaching, and the game will soon be released at local retailers across the United States. Over the course of every game, Runebound invites you to journey throughout the fantasy realm of Terrinoth, where you’ll experience adventure on a grand scale unlike anything else. You’ll embark on quests that lead you into dark forests and deep lakes, battle fearsome monsters among craggy mountain peaks, and browse the bazaars and merchant stalls of the Free Cities in search of new weapons or gear. 

For this new edition of Runebound, combat has been taken in an innovative new direction. Rather than using dice to battle beastmen, dragons, and undead warriors, you and your foe cast a number of combat tokens, tossing them like dice or flipping them like coins. Then, you and your opponent take turns spending your combat tokens to deal damage, raise your shield, cast magic spells, trigger special abilities, or dodge incoming attacks. The tokens you cast and the order in which you spend the results make every battle in Runebound strategic and unique. (For more information about combat in Runebound, click here.)

Hone Your Blades

As Runebound releases to the public, some players may wish to swell their armories with additional copies of combat tokens. To that end, we have created the Runebound Combat Tokens—a sheet of punchboard containing another copy of the combat tokens already included in every copy of Runebound.

Don’t let anything hold you back from embracing your destiny as the next hero of Terrinoth! Look for your copy of Runebound at your local U.S. retailer this week and become a living legend.

The Runebound Combat Tokens will become available in the first quarter of 2016.

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