Kotei Series

Contribute to your clan’s standing in the eyes of the Emperor, the minds of the courtiers, and the hearts of the denizens of Rokugan during the Kotei Series for Legend of the Rings: The Card Game! Each Kotei event represents an opportunity to show your clan loyalty while earning fantastic prizes. A main tournament presents the greatest challenge, but side tournaments also offer an amazing experience for players of all skill levels.

Locations around the world will host Kotei events in the Tides of War season, which culminates with the 2020 Winter Court World Championship. For this season, three special event cards can be won—each awarded to one of the seven Great Clans of Rokugan. Competitors from each clan can contribute to their clan's standing in three ways:

  • Tides of War points are earned by winning games against other clans during the top cut of Kotei events. At the end of the season, the clan with the most of these points will earn Tides of War, an exclusive event card for their clan.
  • Tides of War points are lost through defeat during the top cut of Kotei events, as the winning player's clan takes points away from the losing player's clan. The clan with the fewest Tides of War points earns Fiery Vengeance for their clan.
  • Dissension points are earned by having the greatest number of mirror matches in the top cut of Kotei events, with each clan gaining one point for each instance of a mirror match. The clan with the most Dissension points is awarded with Dissension, the last exclusive event card.

Several of the events in each season are recognized as Grand Kotei tournaments, where additional prizes and points are awarded. Read on to find event locations, the prizes that await competitors, current clan standings, and more event details!

Upcoming Events

United States

Date Venue Location Event Type Details
February 6-9 Radisson Hotel at Fossil Creek, 2540 Meacham Blvd. Forth Worth, TX Kotei Yeti Gaming
Postponed AdeptiCon, 1551 N. Thoreau Dr.  Schaumburg, IL Kotei AdeptiCon
Postponed USS Hornet Museum, 707 W. Hornet Ave. Alameda, CA Kotei Yeti Gaming
Postponed Origins Game Fair, 400 N. High St. Columbus, OH Grand Kotei Origins Game Fair
Cancelled Gen Con, 100 S. Capitol Ave. Indianapolis, IN NA Champs Gen Con


Date Venue Location Event Type Details
Aug 28-30 Espace Charenton, 327 Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris, France Grand Kotei Eventbrite
Aug 21-23 UK Games Expo Birmingham, UK Grand Kotei TBD
TBD TBD Spain Grand Kotei TBD

Check back soon for more Kotei and Grand Kotei event locations and details!


A Season of War

Details and Prizes for the New Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Kotei Series

Current Standings

Clan Tides of War Points Dissension Points
Crab 38 0
Crane 37 0
Dragon 38 0
Lion 42 2
Phoenix 35 0
Scorpion 54 0
Unicorn 36 1

Event Details


Kotei tournaments are two-day events that feature five or six rounds of Swiss-style pairings followed by a cut to single-elimination rounds on Day 2. Players will earn koku (prize vouchers) for each round they play as well as for each win. Players with enough points (34 points if five rounds, 43 if six rounds) will advance to Day 2. On top of this, the top-ranking player from each clan who did not get enough points will also make it through to Day 2. Day 2 will be single elimination rounds for all who qualified. If required, byes will be awarded in the first round of eliminations. Enough rounds will be run to ensure a single winner of the event.

After each day of Swiss, Hatamoto status will be awarded to the top player from each of the seven Great Clans, as well as to the two players who advance to the finals of Day 2. Hatamotos and the Top 8 players during Day 2 will receive invitations to the next Winter Court World Championship.

Grand Kotei

Grand Kotei events are the grandest stages for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Organized Play outside of the Winter Court World Championship. Like Koteis, these events feature a main tournament with two days of competition and include a cut to elimination rounds on Day 2, with players earning koku for each round they play as well as for each win.

After each day of Swiss, Hatamoto status will be awarded to the top player from each of the seven Great Clans, as well as each player who makes the Top 4 cut during Day 2. Hatamotos and the Top 8 players during Day 2 from each Grand Kotei will earn their invitations to the 2019 Winter Court World Championship and additionally, the winner of each Grand Kotei will receive a free flight for the event!

Side Events

Elemental Challenges are being replaced with Proving Grounds tournaments for the Tides of War season. Previously exclusive to Grand Koteis, these side events begin shortly after the Day 2 elimination rounds at each Kotei event. Players in Proving Grounds will compete for koku, and those who go undefeated will win an invitation to the next Winter Court World Championship. Players who are eliminated from the main event during the elimination rounds before the Top 8 may still join the Proving Grounds tournament, entering with a bye for each game they've missed while participating in the Day 2 rounds. With Proving Ground side events, Koteis and Grand Koteis offer players who were unable to secure their seat at Winter Court one last chance to do so.​

As before, each Kotei and Grand Kotei will be accompanied by additional side events, which may include three-round Skirmish Pods, multiplayer Enlightenment Pods, and a Costume Contest. Each of these events yields koku, which can be redeemed at the Prize Station.​

The Tides of War

In the Tides of War Kotei series, the Emerald Empire has erupted into all-out warfare. You have the opportunity to defend your province and claim one of three coveted prize cards on behalf of your clan. These cards are all event cards, and as noted above, each has its own criteria for how it is awarded at the end of the Kotei series.

The Tides of War point system is designed to track the victories any given clan has earned over other clans in the top cut of Koteis. Each clan begins the Kotei series with 40 Tides of War points, and every time a player defeats another player in the top cut, the winning player’s clan takes one point from the losing player’s clan. In the semifinals, the stakes are raised to three points, and in the finals, the stakes are raised to five points. Therefore, the winning clan of any given Kotei will gain many points for their clan, while the clans who do well in the top cut but fail to win (often getting second place) lose the greatest number of points for their clan.

The Dissension point system plays up the civil wars that are unfolding within each of the clans during the story of the Clan War. It is a simple system in which each clan gets one Dissension point for each instance of a mirror match for that clan in the top cut of a Kotei, so the clan that competes against itself most often earns a unique prize card that plays up their clan’s internal dissension. If a clan gets lots of Dissension points, it is neither gaining nor losing Tides of War points because it is not fighting the other clans—this allows the clan that does well but is not given the opportunity to progress towards earning Tides of War or Fiery Vengeance prize cards the chance to still earn a prize card. 

This system was designed to allow for a single event to dramatically swing the scores of each clan. This keeps the results from being predictable during the Kotei series and allows even the last couple tournaments to have the possibility of changing which clans earn the three prize cards.