1 February 2023 | Twilight Inscription

FFG Live in February

Announcing the FFG Livestreams for February

It's FFG Live! Join us this month for more awesome livestreams for our current and upcoming games and expansions. Read on for more information on what livestreams you can look forward to this month!

February 8th at 1PM CST

Dead of Winter Gameplay


It's the dead of winter, so it's time for some Dead of Winter! Come join Josh Massey and Chris Winebrenner-Palo as they face the zombie apocalypse together.

Will they survive the undead onslaught? Or will they succumb to winter's cold embrace? Join us on the 8th to find out!

Check out the stream here!

Click here for more information on Dead of Winter.

February 22nd at 1PM CST

Twilight Inscription Gameplay


The Council Keleres has arrived in Twilight Inscription! Join game designer James Kniffen, game producer Jason Walden, and host Josh Massey as they provide some insights to FFG's first roll-and-write while showing off the game's 25th faction in action. They'll also dive into elements of solo play, the Twilight Inscription achievement list, and more!

Who will claim the throne and rule the galaxy? Tune in on the 22nd to find out!

You can check out the stream here!

Click here for more information about Twilight Inscription.

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