5 December 2023 | Star Wars: Unlimited

FFG Live in December

Announcing the FFG Livestreams for December 2023

It's FFG Live! Join us this month for more awesome livestreams for our current and upcoming games and expansions. Read on for more information on what livestreams you can look forward to this month!

December 6 at 1 PM CST

Star Wars™: Unlimited Designer Insight


Get ready to unleash unlimited possibilities! Join Danny Schaefer, Tyler Parrott, and Jeremy Zwirn as they share some insights to the design and development of Spark of Rebellion, the first set of Star Wars™: Unlimited. What secrets will they share? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Check out the stream here!

December 13 at 1 PM CST

Star Wars: Unlimited Designer Decks


In November, we had Tyler and Jeremy tweak the Star Wars: Unlimited starter decks to show off some of the deckbuilding elements for the game. Now, join Tyler and Jeremy as they show off some decks they built from scratch! And you can bet that there will be some card reveals. 

Check out the stream here!

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