Dark Revelations

Announcing a New Arkham Horror Novella


Gloria leaned against the door; the draft through the gap smelled raw, metallic, charnel. Thunder growled and the clouds opened. Gloria gasped as the first drops struck the glass. One landed on her hand, warm and red, and she recoiled.
–Amanda Downum, Dark Revelations

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Nightmares and apocalyptic visions have plagued novelist Gloria Goldberg for her entire life. Although she learned to exorcise her terrors onto the page, she has never revealed the inspiration for her weird tales, not even to fellow author Jamie Galbraith. One day, she is struck by a vision of Jamie begging her to help finish what he started. Moments later, she receives word of his sudden death.

Gloria travels to Arkham at their publisher’s behest to collect Jamie’s current work, but her visions of a devouring sky only intensify. As Gloria reads Jamie’s unfinished book, the story takes hold of her, and the words on the page begin to bleed into reality. Can Gloria find a way to change the end of the story before it heralds the end of the world?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Dark Revelations, a new Arkham Horror novella by Amanda Downum—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

From Page to Life

For Gloria Goldberg, writing has always been a way to escape from her horrific dreams and visions—a way to channel her thoughts out onto the page, where they’re unable to hurt anyone. In Dark Revelations, however, Amanda Downum invites you to join Gloria on a journey into madness, as the words on the page come to life and begin to shape the waking world of Arkham. There’s a mystery here, tied up in the death of Gloria’s friend, Jamie Galbraith… and beyond the apparent mystery, there are dark forces at work. What will be discovered by this investigation, and perhaps more importantly, what will be unleashed?

Beyond the 96-page novella itself, Dark Revelations offers a sixteen-page full-color insert that’s packed with information on the Arkham Horror Files universe, all tied to the story of Dark Revelations and Gloria’s investigation. You’ll find newspaper clippings, scrawlings in notebooks, scraps of artwork, and a host of other primary sources to fill out the universe and the scope of the story told within this novella.

The Writer

If you’re a player of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you’ll also find plenty to enjoy with the new promo cards contained within this novella! First, you’ll find Gloria Goldberg (Dark Revelations, 19), a brand-new investigator to add to your games, featuring the cover art of Dark Revelations. Though Gloria Goldberg will also be available in a future expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, this promo card marks your first chance to be able to play her in your games—and with her uncanny penchant for rewriting the encounter deck, playing Gloria is an experience that you won’t want to miss.

Alongside Glora Goldberg, you’ll find two replacement signature cards—cards only available in the Dark Revelations novella and specifically tied to the events of the story! Ruth Westmacott (Dark Revelations, 20) gives you a powerful way to use the encounter cards that you capture beneath Gloria, feeding them back into the discard pile to reduce the difficulty of an upcoming test. Ruth rewards you for keeping cards underneath Gloria, but woe betide you if you draw Liber Omnium Finium (Dark Revelations, 21). This weakness forces you to draw an encounter card from underneath Gloria and ensures that its effects will be particularly devastating. The power to rewrite reality is awe-inspiring, but you must judge carefully if this intoxicating ability is worth the risks.

All Will Be Revealed

The story of Arkham, and the entire world, is being written… and Gloria Goldberg may be the only one who can forestall the coming doom. Read a new story of the Arkham Horror Files mythos in Dark Revelations by Amanda Downum, planned for release this November!

Make sure you don’t miss out—pre-order your own copy of Dark Revelations (NAH16) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today.

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