The Fortress of Nurn

Announcing the Sixth Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor Cycle


Frodo and Sam gazed out in mingled loathing and wonder on this hateful land. Between them and the smoking mountain, and about it north and south, all seemed ruinous and dead, a desert burned and choked.
–J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

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Your brave company of heroes steps into the very heart of Mordor, and danger is everywhere. You recently rescued prisoners from the slave-fields that surround the fortress, and now, under cover of darkness, you wait for the signal to attack the city and liberate the captives within. You’re certain that Thane Ulchor is also within this citadel, and the culmination of your quest that began so long ago may finally be within reach.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Fortress of Nurn, the sixth Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game!

As the Vengeance of Mordor cycle rises to its ultimate confrontation, you’ll lay siege to a castle in this expansion’s brand-new scenario. The contest that lies before you is mighty, but fortunately for you, new friends and allies arrive to help you along the way. This pack includes a new Spirit version of Aragorn plus new player cards for every sphere, as well as a neutral attachment and a contract that blast open the number of decks you can create for any scenario.

The Heart of Villainy

Your quest to defeat Thane Ulchor has finally brought you to his stronghold in the depths of Mordor. As you begin your Assault on Dol Rhugar (The Fortress of Nurn, 159), four side quests are put into play, each offering you a different opportunity to storm the castle. You’ll have to complete at least three of these Castle side quests before you can breach the inner sanctum and face down Thane Ulchor, but it won’t be easy when the majority of your deck is taken captive and locked away within the fortress.

Before you can progress with your assault, you'll need to complete at least three Storm the Castle side quests, freeing your deck in the process!

When the scenario starts, each player puts eight cards from the top of their deck underneath the quest deck and every side quest in play—and you won’t get them back until you can complete the side quests and begin to free the captives inside the fortress. Add that to cards like Fortress Walls (The Fortress of Nurn, 153) or Soldier of Nurn (The Fortress of Nurn, 149), which can recapture cards from your hand, and you’ll have to fight tooth and nail just to muster your strength for a full-on assault. As you start to press your attack and complete more and more side quests, the garrison is roused and the opposition becomes more pronounced. You and your fellow heroes will face the fight of your lives if you’re going to defeat the forces of the Dark Lord.

Bond of Friendship

Among the 29 player cards of The Fortress of Nurn, you’ll find new allies to fight by your side, fearless mounts to ride into battle, and stout shields to protect you in the fight. None of these cards, however, have the chance to shake up your entire collection of cards like a neutral attachment and a new contract introduced in this Adventure Pack.

Thorongil (The Fortress of Nurn, 146) promises to bring new life to your collection in a way that’s quite unlike any other attachment. At this point in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, if you’ve been keeping up with releases, many of the game’s most iconic heroes, such as Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Boromir, and others, have more than one version. If you’ve ever wished you could combine two versions of a hero into a single card, then Thorongil is the card for you.

Clocking in at three resources, Thorongil can be expensive, but when you attach it to one of your heroes, you can search your entire collection for a different version of that hero and attach it to Thorongil. So long as you keep this attachment in play, your original hero gains the game text and resource icon of the attached hero card! Perhaps you want a Boromir who can both ready himself and boost the attack of your Gondor allies. Or maybe you’d prefer a supporting Denethor who can both look at the top card of the encounter deck and pass his resources out to other heroes. The options for combining heroes’ abilities with Thorongil are nearly limitless.

You gain even more challenges and options for creating your own deck with Bond of Friendship (The Fortress of Nurn, 147), a new contract included in this expansion. For essentially the entire lifespan of the game, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game has been limited to three heroes per player. This new contract promises to change that by allowing you to bring four heroes together, provided that they each belong to a different sphere.

Though Bond of Friendship brings more restrictions to your deck than usual, the power of four heroes fighting together against the forces of Mordor cannot be overstated. You’ll have new combos to explore and a new way to test yourself against any scenario in the game! And don’t even get us started on a deck that includes both Bond of Friendship and Thorongil…

Capture the Fortress

The power of the Dark Lord may seem overwhelming, but hope is never gone completely. Gather your fellow heroes and test your strength against the armies of Mordor in The Fortress of Nurn, the sixth Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor cycle!

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