2019 A Game of Thrones Prime Championships

Dates and Locations for the A Game of Thrones Prime Championships


“Robert was never the same after he put on that crown. Some men are like swords, made for fighting. Hang them up and they go to rust.”
–Donal Noye, A Clash of Kings

Welcome, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game players! Today, we are excited to share dates and locations for the upcoming season of Prime Championships! 

Formerly known as Regional Championships, Prime Championships are open events that draw in players from all over to compete, forming a central part of the Organized Play path that leads to the A Game of Thrones World Championship. At these rousing events, not only can you enjoy A Game of Thrones: The Card Game at a higher level, but you can do so with fellow fans who share your passion for the game. Prime Championships aren't simply tournaments, they are glorious jousts where only the most skilled warriors of Westeros will rise up and seize victory. As you come head-to-head with some of the best competition around, you'll be meeting new people and possibly even forming new friendships in your area!

The Prime Championships for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game are certain to offer a truly competitive challenge that will test your abilities as a player. Now, the time has come to don your armor, mount your steed, raise your weapon, and prove to your king that you have what it takes to become a Prime Champion! 

A King's Reward

Your participation in one of these spirited events will be handsomely rewarded, as the king has offered a feast of prizes for those willing to fight for his favor, including game mats, tokens, promotional cards, and even an invitation to the upcoming World Championship! These prizes feature a special emphasis on faction loyalty, so be sure to rally behind the house that best suits you. All of these prizes were previously highlighted in a recent article, but if you missed it or if you just need a reminder of what's at stake, click on this A Game of Thrones: The Card Game image to check out all the prizes.

Below, you will find a list of dates and locations for the upcoming Prime Championships. Find an event near you and make your plans to attend today—your king commands it! Be sure to check back for more events as we update this list! For specific event details, please contact the event location directly. Retailers, if your information is listed incorrectly, please send the corrected information to [email protected] and we will update it.

Updated: December 11, 2019

United States

Date Store City State
November 2, 2019 The Relentless Dragon Nashua New Hampshire
November 2, 2019 Trotta's Hobbies Barnegat New Jersey
November 2, 2019 Friendly City Games Lebanon Indiana
November 2, 2019 Critical Hit Games St. Petersburg Florida
November 2, 2019 Petrie's Family Games Colorado Springs Colorado
November 2, 2019 Gameology Upland California
November 9, 2019 Legacy Gaming Company Syracuse New York
November 9, 2019 The Game Shoppe Bellevue Nebraska
November 16, 2019 Red Raccoon Games Bloomington Illinois
November 16, 2019​ Collector Mania Parker Colorado
November 16, 2019​ Pair A Dice Games Vista California
November 23, 2019​ Atomic Empire Durham North Carolina
November 30, 2019​ Just Games Rochester New York
November 30, 2019​​ Pastimes Niles Illinois
December 7, 2019 Dream Wizards Rockville Maryland
December 7, 2019​ At Ease Games San Diego California
December 14, 2019​ Redcap's Corner Philadelphia Pennsylvania
December 14, 2019​ Eternal Games Warren Michigan
January 4, 2020 The Gamer's Armory Cary North Carolina
January 4, 2020​ Fantasy Flight Games Center Roseville Minnesota
January 4, 2020​ The Realm Games & Comics Brea California
January 11, 2020​ Pandemonium Books and Games Cambridge Massachussets
January 11, 2020​ Doc's Comics & Games Frisco Texas
January 18, 2020​​ Giga-Bites Cafe Marietta Georgia
January 25, 2020​​ Eudmonia Berkeley California
January 25, 2020 Covenant Tulsa Oklahoma
February 1, 2020 Dragon's Lair Houston Houston Texas
February 1, 2020 Meta-Games Unlimited Springfield Missouri
February 1, 2020​ The Game Shoppe Omaha Nebraska
February 1, 2020​ Campus Cards & Games 2 Winter Park Florida



Date Store City Country
TBA Siren Games Wien Austria
November 30, 2019 Out of the Box Sports Cards & Collectibles Inc. Nepean, ON Canada
January 11, 2019 401 Games Toronto, ON Canada
February 1, 2020 BD Cosmos Laval, QC Canada
February 1, 2020 The Sentry Box​ Calgary, AB Canada
TBA Board Trick Xi'an China
TBA​ YoXi Board Game Nanjing China​
TBA​ Pact of Shadow Beijing China​
TBA​ The South Conqueror Guangzhou China​
TBA​ Faceless Wenzhou China​
TBA Gamer's HQ Berlin Germany
TBA​ Kult Spiele Dortmund Germany​
TBA​ Mage Store Düsseldorf Germany​
TBA​ Roskothen Duiburg Germany​
TBA​ Spielespatz Ulm Germany​
TBA​ Zu den vier Winden Bochum Germany​
TBA The Gathering Limerick Ireland
February 8-9, 2020 Arnhem Speelt Arnhem Netherlands
February 23, 2020 De Tafelridder Leiden Netherlands
TBA Dueller's Point Singapore Singapore
TBA Gamersaurus Rex Singapore Singapore
October 12, 2019 inGenio BCN Games Barcelona Spain
October 20, 2019​ Cartoon Corp. Evolution​ Valencia​ Spain​
December 7, 2019 Librería Gigamesh​ Barcelona Spain
December 14, 2019​ Padis​ Madrid​ Spain​
January 18, 2020 Librería Ronin Alava Spain
November 9, 2019 Dice Saloon Brighton United Kingdom
December 7, 2019 Patriot Games Sheffield United Kingdom​
January 11, 2020 Alpha Games Stanton United Kingdom​
January 18, 2020​ Excelsior Games Bristol United Kingdom​
February 2, 2020 Max X P Gaming Glasgow United Kingdom​
February 22, 2020​ Magic Madhouse London London United Kingdom​
March 7, 2020 Fan Boy Three Manchester United Kingdom​
March 8, 2020 Beanie Games Stockton-on-Tees United Kingdom​
March 21, 2020 The Games Shop Aldershot United Kingdom​
TBA Red Dice Games Edinburgh United Kingdom​

Claim the Crown

Sharpen your steel, rally your banners, and make your plans now to attend a Prime Championship! Check this page regularly, as we will continue to update this list with more events from around the world. We can't wait to see how these epic A Game of Thrones: The Card Game battles will unfold during this season of Prime Championships! Don't miss out on these events, in the name of your king!

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