20 September 2019 | KeyForge

Leader of the Pack

Ascend the KeyForge Leaderboards and Claim Your Prize


“Dark wolf, black as night, always pounces to the right.”
   –from “Panpaca,” children’s game

As an unfathomably large planet that's constantly evolving, the Crucible is the home to countless environments populated by countless creatures. Some of these biomes are overgrown with lush plant life woven together over vast spans of wilderness, while others are desolate wastelands, sparse with life, where refuge from the elements and predators is scarce.

These biomes develop at an accelerated rate, often blending and forcing the wildlife together. While adapting to their new surroundings, these creatures fight for survival, often staying in packs as there is safety found in numbers. These packs are guided by a leader, who is always established by one characteristic: power. Whether or not the pack survives these territorial trials​ is often decided by the decisions of the leader alone.

Archons, now it's your turn to assert your dominance in this wild habitat and prove yourself as a leader. With the new Leaderboard kits, you can climb the ranks as you play KeyForge, earning precious Æmbershards and, if you do well enough, a brand new Archon deck that contains an alternate art card! Talk to your favorite local retailer about ordering these kits today!

One of a Kind

A single KeyForge Leaderboard kit will last the span of three months, with the first wave beginning at the start of November. At the end of each month, the Top 4 players from each store—those players who have earned the highest number of Æmbershards during certain events—will each be rewarded with a deck that contains an alternate art card! Then in the following month, the leaderboard is reset, giving all players in your area another chance to climb the leaderboards and win one of these rare decks!

Leaderboards will be trackable through the Master Vault online or via the KeyForge app. How do you make your way up the leaderboard? Simply by earning Æmbershards through playing in Chainbound events or a brand-new event series, Weekly Sealed events! Only Æmbershards earned in one of these two tournament types will contribute to your ranking on the leaderboard.

Like Chainbound events, a store may run one Weekly Sealed event per week through GEM, inviting players to discover new Archons as they earn Æmbershards to bolster their standing on the monthly leaderboards. This new event series exclusively focuses on sealed play, and it supports all available KeyForge variants, including Adaptive, Auction, Triad, Reversal, Survival and Solo. For more information on these variants, please refer to the official Formats and Variants document.

And what's on the line for your performance? Below, you can see a preview of Hock (Worlds Collide, 239), one of the new alternate art cards depicting a suspicious House Shadows character. The original card is on the left and the new alternate art version is on the right, and as mentioned above, the Top 4 players on the leaderboard from each month will win a new Archon deck containing an alternate art card like this.

Players who want to track down as many of these elusive decks containing alternate art cards as possible may participate in Chainbound and Weekly Sealed events at multiple stores, and they will appear on separate leaderboards—but stores near you will only have leaderboards if they are using a Leaderboard kit. Your store must have a Leaderboard kit if you are looking to reap the rewards that come with participating in leaderboard play!

As with Chainbound events, all Æmbershards gained during Weekly Sealed events will contribute to the monthly leaderboard. During bonus Æmbershards seasons, the extra 'shards you gain will also apply to the leaderboard standings. Join other KeyForge players in your community as you compete for Æmbershards and, for the first time ever, decks with unique alternate art cards!​ Only through forging keys and unlocking vaults can you uncover the hidden appearances of the Crucible inhabitants. 

A View from the Top

Don't just survive the elements, master them and claim your reward! By participating in Chainbound and Weekly Sealed events at your local store, you can rise through the ranks and become a leader of the pack. Ask your favorite retailer about ordering KeyForge Leaderboard kits today, so you can join in on the action, starting this November!

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