29 August 2019 | Fantasy Flight Supply

The Gray Cap Cantina Raid

Announcing a New Raid and Raid Map for Star Wars: Imperial Assault


You've explored the depths of Malastare, returned to Hoth and survived Jabba's realm. Now it's time to take on your next challenge!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Gray Cap Cantina Raid Map for Star Wars™: Imperial Assault, for use with a new raid in the Legends of the Alliance app available through the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Steam!

Raid mode sees a team of two to four players select their heroes from their collection, then spend a limited amount of starting credits and XP. After launching a raid mode mission, players must survive six rounds of fending off Imperial forces while gathering resources spread across the map.

The Gray Cap Cantina raid sees you trying to gain fame during a raid on off-duty Imperial officers, and it requires both the Twin Shadows and Heart of the Empire expansions for Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Alternatively, you can purchase The Gray Cap Cantina Raid Map from your local retailer.

In Search of Fame

You’ve already gotten a taste of Raid Mode with the Malastarian Outpost raid, a harrowing test of skill set on a remote Imperial outpost. Now, take the fight to closer quarters in this new cantina-based map! Is your team up to the task? Will you overcome the odds and add your name to the Hall of Legends?

The Gray Cap Cantina Raid Map is a 3' x 3' slip-resistant mat that gives you everything you need to tackle The Gray Cap Cantina raid. This mat rolls up for easy travel, and features iconic Star Wars: Imperial Assault art to set the mood.

Your Next Challenge

You’ve mastered the Malastarian Outpost raid, but now a new challenge awaits in the Gray Cap cantina. Do you have what it takes to survive an onslaught of Imperial forces and enter the Hall of Legends?

Become a legend with The Gray Cap Cantina raid and The Gray Cap Cantina Raid Map (SWI64), available for pre-order from your local retailer today!

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