21 August 2019

AMA with Andrew Navaro

Bring Your Questions for FFG’s Head of Studio


If you’ve ever wanted to ask your questions directly to FFG’s Head of Studio, you’re about to have your chance! FFG Live is hosting a special AMA (Ask Me Anything) livestream with Andrew Navaro on Friday, August 30, beginning at 4:30 PM Central Time.

Wondering about the design philosophies behind your favorite game, or what might lie in store for the future? Curious about a certain part of the game design process? Maybe you just want to know what games Andrew enjoys playing? Or what's his favorite Legend of the Five Rings clan (spoilers below)? Come watch our stream on YouTube and Twitch and grab the chance to ask your own questions!

Better yet, you don’t have to wait until Friday to get your questions in the queue. We’ve started a thread in our forums, where we’ll be collecting questions for the next week and a half in anticipation of the stream. Feel free to head over and post your own questions for Andrew in our forum thread now, and we’ll be drawing from questions posted in this thread during the AMA, as well as questions posted in the YouTube and Twitch chat rooms.

Whether you post your questions ahead of time in the forums, or you come prepared to post in the YouTube and Twitch chat rooms, this AMA is your chance to ask Andrew Navaro whatever you like. We hope to see you there!  

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