The Malastarian Outpost Raid

Announcing a New Raid and Raid Map for Imperial Assault


You’ve returned to Hoth, defeated Jabba in his own palace, and outwitted everyone whose opposed you in skirmishes. Now, Legends of the Alliance brings a whole new challenge to the world of Star Wars™: Imperial Assault.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Malastarian Outpost raid and Malastarian Outpost Raid Map for the Legends of the Alliance App and Star Wars: Imperial Assault!

The Malastarian Outpost raid introduces a totally new way to play Star Wars:Imperial Assault that sees you and your friends battling to gain fame by defeating enemies and gathering intel. Do well enough and you may even find yourselves in the Hall of Legends, where high scores are recorded across the Legends of the Alliance app! Raid mode is a purely tactical affair, focusing more on strategic decisions over story and narrative.

Enter the Hall of Legends

Raid mode sees a team of two to four players selects their heroes from those available in their collection, then spend a limited amount of starting credits and XP. After launching a raid mode mission, players have six rounds to fend off Imperial forces while gathering intel spread across the map.

Gathering each piece of intel requires a specific attribute test, meaning a balanced team has the best odds of success. In order to put your name in the Hall of Legends, you’ll have to carefully balance defeating groups of enemies with gathering intel and making sure you can survive the full six rounds.

The game’s first raid takes you to the planet of Malastare, where your team will have to raid an Imperial facility full of valuable intel. Is your team up to the task? Find out when the Malastarian Outpost raid launches soon in Legends of the Alliance!

The Depths of Malastare

Raids take place on specific large maps constructed from various Star Wars:Imperial Assault expansions. The Malastarian Outpost raid can be created with components found in The Bespin Gambit and Tyrants of Lothal. Alternatively, you can purchase the Malastarian Outpost Raid Map for easy setup. This 3' x 3' slip-resistant mat is the exact setup for Legends of the Alliance’s first raid, and keeps your games organized and easy to setup.

A New Legend Begins

In the Star Wars galaxy, the fight is never over. With its new raid mode, legends of the Alliance invites you to show off your Star Wars:Imperial Assault skills against the rest of the world. Do you have what it takes to survive the depths of Malastare and enter the Hall of Legends?

Discover a new way to play Star Wars:Imperial Assault with the Malastarian Outpost Raid, available soon in Legends of the Alliance, and the Malastarian Outpoist Raid Map (SWI63), available now for pre-order from your local retailer!

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