18 June 2019 | KeyForge

The Spoils of Strength

Preview the KeyForge Store Championship Prizes



The Age of Ascension has begun, and every day in the Crucible, powerful new Archons are being discovered. Soon, the time will come to prove your worth as an Archon at an upcoming KeyForge Store Championship. It’s only through spirited challenges like these that you will begin to unlock the lucrative secrets of the Crucible and its hidden Vaults. Here, at the dawn of the Age of Ascension, what unique Archons will you meet, what new creatures will you encounter, and what prizes will you discover? 

On your journey of battling Archons, gathering keys, and unlocking mysterious Vaults, your efforts are rewarded by accumulating large deposits of Æmbershards—Æmbershards that can be redeemed for prizes at Vault Tours or any other KeyForge event featuring a prize wall. Now, with the advent of the Store Championship season, the amount of Æmbershards you receive can be significantly amplified.

For simply participating at a Store Championship, you automatically receive five Æmbershards! You'll also gain extra shards for each win, with a sizable portion of Æmbershards depending on your overall placement at the Store Championship. The fearsome Archon that claims victory over all others at the event will walk away with an additional 40 Æmbershards! And even beyond these digital rewards, of course, there’s the prize kit itself. 

At a KeyForge Store Championship, the Top 32 players will receive a Chain Tracker featuring the ever-volatile Brobnar goblin, Bingle Bangbang (Age of Ascension, 2). The Top 8 players will also receive a deck box featuring Bingle Bangbang and a pair of brawny arm-wrestling Brobnar from the action card, Might Makes Right (Age of Ascension, 43). The Top 4 players gain five acrylic power tokens, as well as a Bingle Bangbang playmat. In addition to everything else, and the hefty load of Æmbershards, the winner of the Store Championship also walks away with a unique set of Bingle Bangbang card sleeves. Boom!

Rules of Engagement

While it’s up to each player which Archon and which Houses they will represent at a Store Championship, it’s up to the event organizer to determine which format and variant of KeyForge to use. For Store Championships, the following four options are available: Archon Solo, Archon Reversal, Sealed Solo, and Sealed 2 Deck Survival. For more information on these styles of play, please refer to the KeyForge Format and Variants document!

The Cost of Power

Much like ChainBound events, if you perform well enough at a Store Championship—using either the Archon Solo or the Sealed Solo variant—your deck may gain Power Levels, tracked directly on your decks in the KeyForge Master Vault. After enough Power Levels are earned, your deck may reach a level where it can no longer be used at some lower tier events. However, by increasing your deck's power level, your deck may also qualify for higher tier KeyForge events, or special events where high Power Levels are a requirement for entry.

While your deck can't gain enough Power Levels to affect its abilities after only participating in Store Championships, the Power Levels you can gain from a Store Championship put you on the path forward. For a Store Championship, the winner’s deck will advance to Power Level 3, the runner-up will rise to Power Level 2, and those participants who placed in the Top 8 will move to Power Level 1. Winning Store Championships can only ever raise your deck to Power Level 3, even if you win multiple Store Championships with the same deck. As a reminder, Power Levels are only applied to a deck after the event is complete, but they are permanent on decks.

Now’s Your Chance

The Crucible is flush with opportunity, challenge, and rewards. Through victory, the glory can be yours… as well as a heaping pile of Æmbershards. Ask your favorite retailer when they will be hosting their KeyForge Store Championship, or use our Store Locator to find retailers near you!

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