29 March 2019 | Star Wars: Armada

Star Wars™: Armada Seasonal Play

Introducing a New Design for Star Wars™: Armada 2019 Season One Open Play

“I have my orders from the Emperor himself. He has something special planned for them.”
   –Admiral Piett, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Greetings, Star Wars™: Armada fans!

We're happy to follow up on the recent announcement of the Rebellion in the Rim campaign expansion with another blast of good news: the changes being introduced to Star Wars: Armada Organized Play by the 2019 Season One Kit will soon allow you to earn Organized Play rewards for playing your campaign with your friends.

They'll also make it possible for you to earn rewards for playing small-scale skirmishes on 3' x 3' battlefields with fleets of just 200 points. Or for inviting your friends to meet up with you at your favorite local game store for a massive, all-night multiplayer battle. You'll still be able to earn rewards for participating in tournaments, of course, but when the Season One Kit introduces the idea of Open Play Nights to Star Wars: Armada Organized Play, you'll find the whole galaxy spread before you—waiting to be explored and more open than ever!

Starting with the 2019 Season One Kit, Star Wars: Armada seasonal play will now focus on Open Play Nights, making it far easier than ever for newer players to get involved, for players with more restrictive schedules to participate, and for dedicated players to earn all of a month's prizes in a shorter period of time. The focus is squarely on participation, and there are only two things you need to do:

  1. Show up at your favorite local game store.
  2. Play Star Wars: Armada.

In return, you can earn some cool, extended art cards that you can use to decorate your favorite fleets.

Play More to Earn More

Starting with the 2019 Season One Kit, each Star Wars: Armada Seasonal Kit will support three months of Open Play Nights, and each month you'll be able to earn up to two copies each of two different promo cards.

How do you do it? You just need to play games at your favorite local retailer and have your store's representative track each game you complete on the store's tracking sheet. Each game you complete earns you a check. Each time you check off enough boxes to complete a whole section, you earn the associated card. And the good news? Throughout Season One, you need only check one box to complete a whole section!

The best part of this system may be the fact that you can play at whatever pace you want. You can play one game a week and earn all four of the month's cards. You can jump into a tournament and earn three or four cards in a single day. And if you're too busy to play more than one or two games at your favorite local game store, you can still earn one or two cards.

What are those cards? Each card in the Star Wars: Armada 2019 Season One Kit is a double-sided, extended art card that allows you to enhance one of your squadrons, crew, teams, or other upgrade cards.

Month Card A Card B

Each of the above cards is double-sided. Click on a card to see its reverse side.

Secure the Galaxy, Card by Card

Star Wars: Armada Organized Play has long been associated with competitive play and tournaments—but the community has been one of the warmest and most welcoming in all of gaming. Now, with the introduction of Open Play Nights, it's easier than ever for newer and more casual players to join this community of enthusiastic fleet admirals—and to claim custom prizes.

You don't have to fly the galaxy's deadliest ships and squadrons to enjoy a game of Star Wars: Armada. You don't have to compete in tournaments to make new friends and join the community. And you don't have to shoot down your opponent's fleets to claim some of the galaxy's coolest prizes. You just have to show up, and play.

Come join us for Star Wars: Armada Open Play Nights. Talk to your local retailer to find out when and how you can start securing the galaxy and its countless star systems, game by game, and card by card!

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