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“The Force is what gives the Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”
–Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

Strap into your cockpits, squad leaders—the first period of X-Wing Hyperspace Trials is now underway!

The broadest level of competition offering invitations to the X-Wing World Championship in October, the Hyperspace Trials represent a significant step up from the starfighter duels of your weekly game nights. These Hyperspace Trials are your chance to influence the shape of the galaxy. They're where you'll see your favorite factions' top pilots fly full throttle into the teeth of danger. These are the Trials from which legends are forged!

Of course, the Hyperspace Trials also mark a major leap from the game's Extended Game Mode, as they use the Hyperspace Game Mode instead. This means that these Hyperspace Trials don't just represent a step up from your weekly game nights; they represent a whole new, relatively unexplored star sector.

At the Hyperspace Trials, you'll find only those ships, pilots, and upgrades that are designated for the Hyperspace Game Mode in the X-Wing Squad Builder app. With fewer ships available than in the Extended Game Mode, the Hyperspace Game Mode makes it easier for newer players to compete on level footing, and you'll find—once again—a greater emphasis on the game's fundamental skills.

However, for all that the Hyperspace Trials emphasize the Hyperspace Game Mode and all it offers, there is only one X-Wing! It's all the same game. It's all the same galaxy, and the Force binds it all together… as do the prizes you'll find at these exciting, high-energy tournaments!

Things You Will See

“Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future… the past. Old friends long gone.”
–Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

While the Hyperspace Trials serve as a fantastic way for new players to get a taste of competitive X-Wing, they also jump into all different parts of the galaxy, and you'll find prizes for use with the squads you create in the Hyperspace Game Mode—as well as alternate art and pastic cards for your favorite ships and pilots from the Extended Game Mode.


Each participant in the first period of X-Wing Hyperspace Trials will receive one copy each of two alternate art ship cards—the Grand Inquisitor and Jessika Pava.

Top 32

Find your way to the Top 32 of a period one X-Wing Hyperspace Trial, and you'll be able to enhance your squadron's durability with a plastic, extended art Hull Upgrade.

You'll also receive a set of five acrylic focus tokens, painted green atop a white base.

Top 16

Make the Top 16, and you'll blast into your future engagements with a new set of range rulers that sport a sleek blue design atop a clean, white base.

And once you finish your maneuvers, you'll take aim, launch your attacks, and evade your foes with a set of eight custom dice—four attack dice and four defense dice.

Top 8

Fly your way into the Top 8, and you'll find your skilled maneuvering rewarded with a set of acrylic maneuver templates that feature the same white and blue design as your Top 16 range rulers.

Top 4

Even if you're relatively new to X-Wing, by the time you make the Top 4 at a Hyperspace Trial, you'll have earned such a haul of prizes that you'll need your Top 4 card binder to carry them home.

Top 2

By the time you achieve a Top 2 finish at an X-Wing Hyperspace Trial, you'll have fought your way into the company of the galaxy's most elite squad leaders—and you'll have earned yourself a special Top 2 plastic card, featuring another of the galaxy's greatest pilots—Hera Syndulla.


Win a period one Hyperspace Trial, and you'll have punched your course to October's X-Wing World Championship!

In addition to your Hyperspace Trial trophy, which features a stunning shot of the Ghost ready to make the jump to lightspeed, you'll win a plastic card that serves as your invitation to the X-Wing World Championship.

And, as further evidence of how the Force binds the galaxy together—and how X-Wing is all one game—we are pleased to announce that the 2019 X-Wing World Championship will use the game's Extended Game Mode. At the game's highest level, you'll be free to explore all the galaxy's possibilities.

Of course, it's worth noting that newer players who master the game's Hyperspace Game Mode and win a Hyperspace Trial will find all of their ships, pilots, and upgrades legal within the Extended Game Mode, too, meaning all the work they've done to learn to fly their ships with champion-level precision will continue to pay off along their quest to conquer the galaxy's greatest rivals.

Make the Jump to Hyperspace

Attend an X-Wing Hyperspace Trial, and there's no telling where you might end up!

There's always another squadron, another battle, and new legends to be discovered. Celebrate all the fantastic action and drama that X-Wing has to offer. Join the most enthusiastic squadron leaders in your region. Battle for a host of exclusive prizes… and the fate of the galaxy.

Find a Hyperspace Trial near you!

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