9 December 2019 | Star Wars: Destiny

The Price of Power

Developer Jeremy Zwirn Introduces a New Batch of Star Wars: Destiny Holocron Updates

“Wipe that nervous expression off your face, Threepio.”
   –Leia Organa, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Star Wars™: Destiny Holocron documents have been updated and are now available to download! You can find these new Holocron documents under the Support section of the Star Wars: Destiny page.

This update follows the recent results of the Star Wars: Destiny World Championship and implements some adjustments that aim to shake up the current Organized Play metagame. Join developer Jeremy Zwirn as he highlights the changes found in this trio of Holocron updates. Catch up on what’s new, and then test out your favorite Star Wars: Destiny characters at a Prime Championship near you!

Jeremy Zwirn on the Holocrons Update

Hello Star Wars: Destiny players!

This year’s World Championship was an incredible event that had an amazing turnout of 427 players! Thank you to everyone who traveled to St. Paul, Minnesota and helped make it such a memorable event. I really enjoy meeting players and getting to see firsthand how amazing the community is. There were numerous close games and interesting matchups throughout the tournament, and congratulations to Andrew Rothermel for taking home the trophy!

Overall, I feel the metagame is in a fairly good place, with many different decks making the top cut at Worlds and no single deck becoming dominant. However, since it’s been five months since the last set, Spark of Hope, was released and we’re currently in the midst of the Prime Championship season, I feel it's a good time to update the Holocrons with the goal of invigorating the metagame. I’m doing this in two ways: by adding six cards to the restricted list, and by using the Balance of the Force to reduce the point values of twelve Legacies block characters. Errata will only be used when deemed necessary and only if there’s no other option.

Fateful Companions

Hero droids has been one of the best decks ever since Spark of Hope became tournament legal. The power and consistency of the deck is unquestionable, and it has won many high-level events. The plot Fateful Companions (Spark of Hope, 111) allows the deck to have some very explosive turns, which can be difficult for opponents to hinder. The raw power and often confusing timing interactions of Fateful Companions makes it a good candidate for the restricted list. Even with C-3PO  (Spark of Hope, 77) on the restricted list, I feel hero droids will still be competitive without needing this plot.

Delve and Vader’s Fist

Vader’s Fist (Across the Galaxy, 13) is one of the most powerful cards in the game, even at the cost of five resources. Using Delve (Legacies, 92) to play Vader’s Fist for free is currently one of the best combos and can really swing games, especially on the first turn. Adding both cards to the restricted list eliminates this interaction and helps tone down the power level of various villain support decks.

No Answer and Resistance Ring

Arguably the two best archetypes, hero droids and villain supports, are both affected by this update, and other archetypes will surely become more competitive. The duo of No Answer (Convergence, 128) and Resistance Ring (Convergence, 87) gives hero mill a powerful engine that can be arduous and frustrating to play against. The restricted list now breaks up this highly effective interaction while maintaining the viability of mill decks.

Theed Palace

Theed Palace (Across the Galaxy, 159) is the go-to battlefield for many competitive decks and its ubiquity diminishes the decision of which battlefield to fight on. Its resource generation each round helps fuel some of the highest costed and most powerful cards in the game. While it doesn’t create a problematic combo with another card, the restricted list can also be used as a tool to help balance the metagame by restricting cards that are used in many of the top decks, like Theed Palace. In the future, if more cards are restricted in this way, choosing which restricted card to use for your deck may become another interesting decision during deckbuilding.

Balance of the Force

When the Infinite Holocron was updated for the release of Convergence earlier this year, it reduced the point values of numerous characters from the Awakenings block. Many players appreciated the reduction of point values and it gave new life to some characters that previously saw little to no competitive play.

This update follows that precedent and reduces the point values of twelve characters from the Legacies block (divided evenly between affiliations and colors). The goal of this update isn’t to push all twelve of these characters far enough that they become top-level characters, but to make them more appealing for both casual and potentially competitive players. Ideally, some of these characters will make players re-evaluate the current environment and force it to evolve and adapt. Like all cards on the Balance of the Force list, in the future, their point values may be altered, and cards may be added or removed from the list entirely.

I hope this update will make players excited to build new decks or modify current ones and then try them at tournaments. If you plan on going to a Prime Championship, may the Force be with you!

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