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Preview the Heroes of the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set


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Each hero in Marvel Champions : The Card Game is dedicated to fighting evil, but they all go about in their own way, whether it’s through the power of science and technology like Iron Man or through raw strength like the mighty She-Hulk. Though each hero has their own methods, they all allow you to harness the power of a champion!

Join us today as we preview the heroes of the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set!

Marvel Champions invites players to step into the role of Marvel’s most iconic heroes. The Core Set features Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and She-Hulk, but the adventure is just getting started. More heroes are on their way, including Ms. Marvel and Captain America, adding even more options to your repertoire of heroes!

Assemble the Team

One of the smartest men alive, Tony Stark's  (Core Set, 29B) powers come from his genius level intellect and of course, his iconic Iron Man  (Core Set, 29A) suit. In Marvel Champions, your game plan with Tony Stark will be to construct your suit using various Tech upgrades found among Iron Man’s Hero Cards. Upgrades like Arc Reactor (Core Set, 35) not only increase Iron Man’s ability to attack villains and thwart schemes, but can increase his overall hand size as Iron Man incorporates efficient new upgrades.

Of course, Tony Stark also has heroic allies to call upon for additional firepower. James Rhodes has his own modified Iron Man Suit, calling himself War Machine (Core Set, 30) Rhodey can just be just as effective as Iron Man when it comes to stopping villains. Not only does he have the firepower to fight off villains, he can unleash a devastating explosive ordinance, damaging every minion and villain on the field! When Iron Man needs backup, War Machine is always ready to answer the call! 

If you want to embody a more straightforward hero, Jennifer Walters (Core Set, 19B) can take on any threat without fancy tech! As a lawyer, she has the oppurtunity to use her knowledge to thwart the villain when they least expect it. And as the mighty She-Hulk (Core Set, 19A), she can smash anyone that stands in her way! Whether that means targeting every enemy on the field with an earth-shattering Ground Stomp (Core Set, 22) or preparing a massive Gamma Slam (Core Set, 21) to stop any enemy in their tracks. You’ll have to time the Gamma Slam right to get the most out of it. Its power grows as She-Hulk sustains more and more damage, and being able to turn that damage back on an enemy can put an end to any fight in a dramatic manner. 

When she needs assistance, Jennifer can always count on Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat  (Core Set, 20) to get her out of a jam. Like most allies, Hellcat takes a damage whenever she attacks or thwarts. However, as an action, you can always return her to your hand, saving her from defeat and letting her return later to mix it up with any villains that are standing in Jennifer’s way!

The King of Wakanda  T’challa  (Core Set, 40B)  has many titles, but none strike fear into enemies like that of the Black Panther  (Core Set, 40A)! Like Iron Man, T’Challa can slowly build up his suit through upgrades like Panther Claws (Core Set, 47) and Energy Daggers (Core Set, 46). Unlike Iron Man, Black Panther can unleash his power in an explosive fury with Wakanda Forever! (Core Set, 43A) which allows you to trigger each of your Black Panther upgrades back-to-back! The more upgrades you have on the field, the stronger Wakanda Forever! becomes. This all-out assault will quickly show any villain why they call T’Challa King.

Black Panther can always rely on his sister Shuri  (Core Set, 41) to support him when it matters most, able to research and deliver new upgrades to him whenever she enters play! But Shuri can also hold her own in a fight, making her the perfect ally for the Black Panther in his quest to protect Wakanda. 

Ms. Marvel, Warbird, Binary, Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers (Core Set, 10B) has had many names, and all strike fear into the villains of the Marvel Universe! Infused with the power of the Kree, Captain Marvel (Core Set, 10A) is a master of energy manipulation. Energy Channel (Core Set, 18) lets you spend energy resources to build up a massive attack. The more counters you place on Energy Channel, the more damage it can do when the time is right. Energy Absorption (Core Set, 14) can provide a significant boost to this strategy, providing three resources at the cost of just one card. Of course, you can also use this energy to power a Photonic Blast (Core Set, 13), an event that both puts the villain on notice and lets you draw a card from your deck, giving you even more momentum on your turn!

When Captain Marvel needs to take a more tactical approach, she can call on Spider-Woman (Core Set, 11) to assist her. Not only can Jessica Drew thwart and attack with equal efficiency, she confuses the villain when she enters the fray, preventing them from scheming during their turn! While Captain Marvel is the hammer, Spider-Woman can step into the role of the scalpel with ease. 

The final character included in the Core Set is Peter Parker (Core Set, 1B) AKA Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (Core Set, 1A)! The Old Web-Head is a more defensive hero, able to avoid attacks with a stylish Backflip (Core Set, 3) on a moment’s notice! He can even avoid the villain’s treacherous plans with his Enhanced Spider-Senses (Core Set, 4 )! With plenty of tricks up his sleeve, the Amazing Spider-Man can always find a way to wiggle out of trouble.

Sometimes friend, sometimes foe, Spider-Man is never sure whether or not he can trust Felicia Hardy, the infamous  Black Cat (Core Set, 2). In Marvel Champions, Black Cat is willing to help out Spidey when it matters most…for now. Trusting Black Cat is a risky proposition, she can either fill your hand with mental resources, or discard important cards from your deck depending entirely on your luck. Are you willing to take a chance on Black Cat? 

A Day Unlike Any Other

Each of the five heroes in the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set offers a unique way to play. From the pure power of Captain Marvel to the spectacular agility of Spider-Man, each champion has their own role to play. What hero will you embody when Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set releases on November 1st!

Join the fight against evil with the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set (MC01en), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental United States!

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