Rebel Spirit

Tyrants of Lothal and Four Ally and Villain Packs for Imperial Assault Are Available Now

"Stand up together, because that's when we're strongest—as one."
   –Ezra Bridger, Star Wars: Rebels

Join the crew of the Ghost and take a stand against the Galactic Empire. Five new products for Imperial Assault are now available from your local retailer!

Tyrants of Lothal brings all the action of Star Wars: Rebels to Imperial Assault, the strategy game of epic missions and thrilling combat. A full mini-campaign features your band of rebels joining the crew of the Ghost to take on some of their most dangerous foes, including the brilliant Thrawn and morally nebulous Hondo Ohnaka! Tyrants of Lothal also offers new ways to upgrade your skirmish games, as you fight head-to-head in the wastelands of Lothal. Meanwhile, an assortment of Ally Packs and Villain Packs offer new missions and lend new depth to the other characters populating the Tyrants of Lothal campaign.

In addition, Tyrants of Lothal and these four Ally Packs and Villain Packs are now implemented into the free Legends of the Alliance app, allowing you to play cooperative Imperial Assault with all the newest heroes and enemies! You can download Legends of the Alliance from the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Steam!

In the Empire’s Grasp

Tyrants of Lothal includes two new Rebel heroes for use with any Imperial Assault campaign.

Tress Hacnua is a Cybernetic Brawler who uses a variety of combat styles to take down her opponent. Whenever you resolve an attack with a melee weapon, you gain a style token, which can then be spent to enhance weapons like the Reinforced Cyberarm!  These styles allow you to perform several weaker melee attacks to build up to a devastating blow that takes out your foes in style.

Joining Tress in Tyrants of Lothal is Clone Trooper CT-1701,  or “Wildfire.” With the ability to use a ranged weapon multiple times per attack by sacrificing accuracy, the source of this clone trooper's callsign leaves little to the imagination. However, when Wildfire starts collecting damage power tokens, he can unleash a highly accurate barrage of devastation on Imperial forces!

Both Tress and CT-1701 are perfect candidates for use in the Tyrants of Lothal mini-campaign. As the Empire continues to tighten its grasp around Lothal, your heroes have had enough and begin trying to join a burgeoning Rebellion! This is where your story begins. Thanks to the unlikely assistance of the pirate Hondo Ohnaka, your heroes have learned the location of an Imperial arms shipment, ripe for extraction. It's now or never—time to step out of the shadows and join the Rebel Alliance! This six-part mini campaign can be played on its own or slotted into any other Imperial Assault campaign. Be prepared to team up with the crew of the Ghost to find your own path to becoming a hero!

The stage for your first mission in the Tyrants of Lothal mini-campaign!

Furthermore, Tyrants of Lothal includes two new skirmish missions for use on the Lothal Wastes map built from new tiles featured in the box. Look for unique versions of Tress Hacnua and CT-1701,  as well as new battlefields and missions!

The Spectres

Releasing alongside Tyrants of Lothal are four Ally Packs and Villain Packs that will give new dimensions to both your campaign and skirmish games! Daring missions, powerful command cards, and beautifully sculpted figures await you in each of these packs.

The Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus Ally Pack introduces a degree of brashness and ingenuity to your games. Kanan Jarrus,  Ezra’s wise Jedi master, can give your rebels valuable intel by forcing the Imperial player to select their next unit to activate at the start of Kanan's activation.

Ezra Bridger,  on the other hand, can cover the entire battlefield with an ability that allows him to move up to four spaces before his activation!

Meanwhile, the Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios Ally Pack brings the heavy hitters of the Ghost to the Imperial Assault battlefield! Zeb enters the game with his signature Bo-Rifle, which allows you to make a free melee attack during your turn, making Zeb a versatile brawler.

Meanwhile, Sabine uses all the tools at her disposal to become an evasive target. As an action, Sabine can take evasive maneuvers, moving up to two spaces and recovering two damage, making her a target that's difficult to hit. With three dice rolled for a ranged attack, Sabine can quickly make her way across the map, damaging any target she chooses with either a ranged attack or a final parting gift.

Cunning Villains

While the Spectres provide a boon to a burgeoning Rebel Alliance, taking on the tyrants of Lothal won't be easy. The empire has sent some of their most fearsome forces to hunt down and eliminate the Spectres.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of the Empire’s most brilliant military commanders, and with an order to destroy the Phoenix Squadron, nothing will stand in your way with the Thrawn Villain Pack!

Thrawn always thinks three steps ahead, and when he successfully discovers the plans of his enemies, he wipes them out. When you have Thrawn on the battlefield, at the start of a round, the Imperial player may choose one Rebel hero. If that player is the first player to activate that turn, they become stunned. If you’re the type of Imperial player to predict your opponent’s plans and punish them accordingly, Thrawn is the perfect ally for you.

Meanwhile, titles like hero or villain fall away when it comes to profit, at least in the eyes of Hondo Ohnaka, the respectable businessman found in the Hondo Ohnaka Villain Pack!

Whenever Hondo declares an attack, the heroes must choose to either increase threat by two or increase the damage of the attack. Furthermore, Hondo increases your threat whenever he enters a space with a crate. With these abilities, it’s clear that Hondo is a harbinger of things to come, pushing the threat forward and allowing the Imperial player to deploy ever more dangerous groups to fight alongside Hondo against his foes.

The Tyrants of Lothal

Your journey in Imperial Assault has led you to the once-vibrant planet of Lothal. Here, the Empire rules with an iron fist. Will you and the Spectres stand up to these Imperial forces, or will you fall before the tyrants of Lothal?

Join the Rebellion with Tyrants of Lothal (SWI54), the Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus Ally Pack (SWI55), the Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios Ally Pack (SWI56), the Thrawn Villain Pack (SWI57), and the Hondo Ohnaka Villain Pack (SWI58), available now from your local retailer!

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