Dust in the Wind

The Boundary Beyond Is Now Available for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


“In and out amongst the shapeless foundation of houses and palaces I wandered, finding never a carving or inscription to tell of those men, if men they were, who built the city and dwelt therein so long ago.”
  -H. P. Lovecraft, “The Nameless City”

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In The Forgotten Age, a scientific expedition drew you far from home in search of an ancient Aztec city-state that few believed existed. After many trials that pushed you within an inch of your life and forced you to question your grip on reality, you returned home with what may be the greatest discovery of the age… but even Arkham is not safe from the forces that you set in motion by your interference. Now, you must return to where the trouble began and set your mistakes to right. Your first stop is the modern metropolis of Mexico City, but if you make one false step here, the city may be the last thing you ever see.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that The Boundary Beyond, the second Mythos Pack in The Forgotten Age cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, is on sale now!

The Veil Drawn Thin

Following the events of Threads of Fate, you drive south from Arkham to Mexico City, chasing answers about your strange discovery and those who now seek it for some unknown purpose. You spend day after day chasing dead ends until you are forced to accept that the trail has gone cold. Ready to return home in defeat, you gather your things and leave the hotel, but upon exiting the building, it appears that you have somehow left the city behind. You close your eyes only for a moment, and your surroundings have entirely changed: monstrous creatures fill the skies, the ground shakes beneath your feet, and the architecture has shifted into something that speaks of another age.

In this strange place, the past, present, and future all seem to blend into one, and even as you investigate the city, it continues to shift around you. Throughout The Boundary Beyond, you may be instructed to replace your current location with those of another time period as time falls apart. When this happens, any investigators, enemies, attachments, and tokens all remain in place—you have not moved, rather the place itself has changed.

But even in this curious, ever-changing chaos, you are not safe from the threats that hounded you in your own time. Your enemy’s influence stretches far, and you are not beyond the reach of a Hand of the Brotherhood (The Boundary Beyond, 188). You must be careful to evade them at each step of your investigation, for if they are ready when you uncover the last clue at an Ancient location, they too will gain your knowledge and gain a doom. 

Crossing the Threshold

Beyond throwing you into the fourth scenario of The Forgotten Age cycle, The Boundary Beyond also provides you with a series of new player cards to strengthen your investigator decks and prepare you to face any challenge that awaits you in this altered landscape. This Mythos Pack offers several cards that help you recover from the blows you take during your investigation, such as Second Wind   (The Boundary Beyond, 149), which lets you shake off some damage and draw a card in hopes of building a concrete strategy. Then, if you are able to determine Truth from Fiction (The Boundary Beyond, 152) while your perceived reality is at war with everything you know to be possible, you can recharge the secrets on one of your assets.

But if you truly wish to impede the Brotherhood, you may wish to seek less… conventional means, even hiring the skills of a Hatchet Man (The Boundary Beyond, 155) to carry out your more disagreeable tasks. With this Practiced card, once you evade an enemy, you can send in your hired gun to deal your opponent extra damage. With the fate of not only your life and your discovery at risk, but that of time itself, you can no longer afford scruples. If you can gain the advantage, take it. Because whether this is the past, present, or future, this is no place to die.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Will you uncover the truth about your discovery and those who seek it, or will all the work you have done crumble to the ground before your eyes? Restore the timeline and make your way back home before time runs out!

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