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See the 2018 Star Wars™: Imperial Assault National Championship Prizes

"What you need is faith; faith that there is a long-term plan that is bigger than you or me."
     –Hera Syndulla, Star Wars: Rebels

You'll need a big plan if you hope to claim victory at one of this year's Imperial Assault National Championship tournaments!

Top-level events that celebrate all the very best players and strategies Imperial Assault has to offer, the 2018 National Championships feature some of the skirmish game's most exciting armies, action, and prizes—including the chance to win seats at the next Imperial Assault World Championships for you and a friend!

Top 64

The Top 64 participants at each 2018 Imperial Assault National Championship receive an alternate art deployment card for Emperor Palpatine.

Illustrated by Ryan Barger and depicted atop his throne with his face seemingly ready to break into a contemptuous smirk, this Emperor Palpatine is no stranger to big, far-reaching plans. This is the Sith Lord who orchestrated the fall of the Republic, who led the entire Rebel fleet into a trap above the Forest Moon of Endor, and who nearly seduced Luke Skywalker to the dark side of the Force.

Of course, the Emperor is a masterful manipulator in Imperial Assault as well, and if you're not using this powerful Force User in your Imperial army, you'll need your own plan to deal with the threat he poses.

Top 16

To find success in the Imperial Assault skirmish game, you need to strike a careful balance between your army's focus on offense and defense, as well as its pursuit of the victory points it can win from objectives.

Appropriately, then, the Top 16 participants at each 2018 Imperial Assault National Championship tournament receive a carefully balanced, two-sided plastic deployment card. Featuring the Rebel leader Hera Syndulla on one side and the veteran Stormtrooper Captain Terro on the other, this spot-glossed Top 16 prize card offers you a stylish way to play two of the game's leaders.

Top 8

You can avoid the distractions presented by inconsequential developments and keep your focus squarely on your looming victory with the acrylic point dial awarded to each Top 8 participant at a 2018 Imperial Assault National Championship tournament.

With artwork of the Emperor unleashing a blast of Force lightning on some would-be hero, this dial offers you a powerful means of tracking your victory points up toward forty.

Top 4

The Top 4 participants at each 2018 Imperial Assault National Championship earn an Imperial-themed unit tray, featuring a slot for your unit's deployment card and room to track the tokens associated with each of the unit's figures.


If you make the finals of a 2018 Imperial Assault National Championship, you'll have truly established yourself among the galaxy's greatest military minds—setting yourself in position alongside the likes of Emperor Palpatine and Hera Syndulla.

However, your victory won't echo their past successes; it will usher forward a new legacy—yours. And as your reward, you'll have the cance to continue forging your legacy at the next Imperial Assault World Champion. The Top 2 players from each 2018 Imperial Assault National Championship earn a free seat at the Imperial Assault World Championships!

National Champion

If you win one of the 2018 Imperial Assault National Championships, your 2018 Imperial Assault National Champion trophy will reflect the nearly limitless potential for new action, drama, and accomplishment within the Star Wars galaxy.

And while other World Championship participants will have to navigate all the early exchanges of blaster fire once the shield doors open in the tournament's first round—you'll be free to explore other possibilities, racing straight toward your objectives and victory points with a first round Prize Bye that allows you to aim for greater success later in the tournament!

Put Your Plan into Action

Put your plan into action and reshape the Star Wars galaxy at the 2018 Imperial Assault National Championships. Look for more information on our 2018 Imperial Assault National Championship website, and be sure to check back as this information will be updated over time!

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