Let the Force Be Your Guide

Unlimited Power Brings New Adventure to the Tabletop

“The Force is in all things. In me, in you, in all of us—and in the spaces in between, as well.”
   –Neeza Arrell, Rebel Operative

The galaxy is filled with people who believe hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, but the Mystic knows better. They can feel the power that lies beneath the surface of every planet, every star, every object in the galaxy.  They understand the greatest weapon ever built is no match for the power of the Force. Unlimited Power is the next sourcebook for the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, and it can significantly expand on the role of the Mystic in your campaign. In addition to three new Mystic specializations, Unlimited Power includes new species, new equipment and weapons, and instructions for how to best integrate a Mystic character or NPC into an adventure.

Unlimited Power also features the tools a Game Master can use to highlight the talents of a Mystic character searching for direction or how to introduce a new Mystic into an existing campaign. The Living Force, crafting via alchemy, and the perils of falling to the dark side are discussed in depth so your player characters can live up to their full potential and discover the truly unlimited power that flows through them when they become an ally to the Force.

Today's preview of Unlimited Power will focus on how you can even more closely tie your campaign to the Force and help Mystic characters to attain their destiny, whichever side of the Force it may be on...

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The Living Force in Your Campaign

While Mystics are not alone in their attunement to the will of the Force, Mystic characters may benefit from a more prominent use of the Force as a narrative element than, say, a Guardian. Mystics are characters who most frequently employ the Force in mysterious ways, and will often take the foreground when the campaign features such elements. Unlimited Power details how to incorporate visions, the will of the Force, and the concept of the Force as "magic" into your campaign.

Visions are one of the most common ways for the Force to play a narrative role in a campaign. Much like Luke Skywalker's vision of his friends in danger on Cloud City, the visions a character receives may not always be true—they may not ever come to pass—but they can spur a Mystic to action. A vision can fill the downtime between adventures and kick off a new story arc, but it is wise to know where that vision is headed and to keep the will of the Force consistent throughout the campaign by treating the Force almost as a character with recurring themes and goals.

Add the visions to the many ways a Mystic makes use of their connections to the Force, and it can seem as though the Force is an almost magical element. Cultures and individuals raised with a certain understanding of what the Force is—an understanding often rooted in Jedi beliefs—might find a Magus character strange, or even terrifying. The use of obviously supernatural abilities can have an effect on the campaign's narrative as well, making it clear that there is more to the Force than simply the Jedi and the Sith.

Alchemy Crafting

Alchemy is the process of imbuing elixirs, potions, and items with seemingly arcane power. To the uninitiated, this may appear to be a kind of magic, but it is no different than a Jedi constructing his or her lightsaber. Alchemical creations are rarely so grand as the famed Jedi weapon, however, with items ranging from simple potions and trinkets to powerful talismans.

In addition to salves and potions, the trained alchemist is capable of concocting poisons as well as fetishes built to inspire fear. Although the Mystic Alchemist may know a thing or two about crafting, much of the alchemical knowledge of the galaxy has existed in secret, ignored by the Jedi and practiced by cultures that have been nearly obliterated by the Galactic Empire. The hint of a new alchemical recipe or scrap of knowledge should be enough to spark an adventure for a Mystic.

Although Unlimited Power features a variety of recipes and templates for crafting, the GM is encouraged to expand beyond what is presented. One Jedi Master's home might be a slimy mudhole to a newcomer, and a native Dathomiri might craft the same kinds of potions and poisons as a Thisspiasian from radically different materials.

Falling to the Dark Side

It is hard to deny the temptations of the dark side, and there are few Force users who have never felt its pull as they searched for the strength to defend their friends or avenge their loved ones. Unlimited Power delivers on its title, offering avenues for a GM to allow dark side player characters into the campaign. Whether they exist in secret among the player characters or a dark side PC attempts to lead their former comrades into darkness, the inclusion of characters who are falling or have fallen to the dark side is rife with opportunity for exciting new stories.

Unlimited Power details the ways in which a GM and a player can work to conceal the player's fall from the rest of the party until it is revealed through the story. There are also multiple solutions to resolving conflict between characters who are now likely in opposition to each other without spilling over into hard feelings between players.

With a dark side player in the campaign, Morality can take on a different role as well. While Morality is normally only adjusted as a result of Conflict, dark side characters often participate in actions that would impact their Morality without requiring a die roll. Similarly, the redemption of a once-fallen character should not leave Morality to chance. While direct adjustments to a character's Morality should be rare, Unlimited Power details how a GM can incorporate them—as well as how to best conceal a dark side character's morality from other players.

Harness Unlimited Power

To see everything that Unlimited Power has to offer your campaign, you'll have to peer within, looking for its new equipment and adventures, new Mystic specializations, new races, and more.

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