Open the Blast Doors

Preview the Upcoming Prizes for Imperial Assault Organized Play

"Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!"
     –Stormtrooper, A New Hope

It's an exciting time to be a fan of Star Wars™: Imperial Assault!

We are, of course, still wowed by The Last Jedi. We have new missions to tackle with Heart of the Empire. We have new allies and villains in the form of Ahsoka Tano,   Maul,  and Emperor Palpatine.  We can enjoy fully cooperative play thanks to the new Legends of the Alliance companion app. And we can look forward to seeing more of the Star Wars galaxy's most iconic characters in our skirmish games.

Thanks to the skirmish upgrades for Darth Vader,   Han Solo,   Chewbacca,  and IG-88,  we're seeing a resurgence in these iconic characters. And this reflects a groundswell of excitement that's only reinforced by the characters' synergies with the game's newest allies, villains, troopers, walkers, and mercenaries.

So what's the best way to explore all the new ways to enjoy your Imperial Assault skirmishes? We recommend heading to your local game store and taking part in Organized Play!

Upgrade Your Experience

While the Organized Play program for Imperial Assault exists primarily to help you find more players, more places to play, and more games to enjoy, it also offers you chances at a range of exclusive prizes—some of which you can win without ever finding your way to a tournament's top tables!

The prizes for the upcoming season of Entanglement tournaments are no exception—offering exciting upgrades to the entire Top 16 of each event, with additional Elite Prize Cards and Elite Prize Items available to the Top 4.

  • Top 16: Alternate art AT-DP. Straight from the Heart of the Empire expansion, the AT-DP is a towering engine of destruction, and this alternate art deployment card emphasizes that fact with a larger piece of art—one in which the AT-DP is storming through a shallow beach and firing.
  • Elite Prize Card: Alternate art Ahsoka Tano. Perhaps Ahsoka plays a more subdued and tactical role in your campaign game, but in the skirmish game, you'd be a fool not to take advantage of her Force talents and her twin sabers. With her Vigor and Force Leap abilities, Ahsoka is able to charge her opponents from as many as eight spaces away, and this alternate art card depicts the fearless Force user at her ferocious best—matched in combat with none other than the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.
  • Elite Prize Item: Set of acrylic hidden tokens. While you never like to see your opponent's units stunned in the middle of combat, this set of five acrylic stun tokens makes every hidden unit easier to accept, even while it makes the condition stand out on the battlefield. Featuring green paint on a frosted base, these tokens are just as useful in the one-versus-many and fully cooperative campaign games as they are in your skirmishes.

Join the Rebellion

Join the Rebellion, seek out your bounty, or put on your battle armor and fight for the Empire. It doesn't matter whether you play as Rebel, Imperial, or Mercenary; it only matters that you play.

Talk to your local game stores about their participation in Imperial Assault Organized Play, and step into a galaxy full of adventure!

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