15 November 2018 | KeyForge

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Eight KeyForge Playmats Are Now Available


“You might call it madness, but for all we know, madness is a key ingredient.”
   –Inka the Spider

Your battles in KeyForge: Call of the Archons will take you across the Crucible, encompassing countless houses, creatures, and artifacts. You never know where a new Vault may be found or when an unexpected clash may take place. And when the time comes to field your battles, you had best be ready.

The perfect landing place for your KeyForge clashes has just arrived: one 26” x 26” gamemat and seven 24” x 14” playmats for KeyForge are now available at your local retailer or online through our website from Fantasy Flight Supply!

Sigil of Brotherhood

When you step into the role of an Archon, you will lead teams built from the creatures, technology, artifacts, and skills of three of the Crucible’s seven Houses, each of which are represented in these mats. Each playmat features original art pieces from KeyForge atop a high-quality, slip-resistant rubber base to immerse you in the diverse wonderland of the Crucible while keeping your games organized, whether you are participating in a high-caliber tournament with KeyForge Organized Play or playing around the kitchen table. 

The Architect’s Vault Two-Player Gamemat features a 26” x 26” play surface to keep your cards organized and protected during your clashes for control of the Architects’ Vaults. With marked sections for your keys, deck, Archon card, archive, and discard pile, this mat keeps the focus on your games as you match wits with your opponent without worrying about the safety of your unique deck.

The Brute Force Playmat features Valdr, a hero of House Brobnar. This proud House is filled with giants, goblins, and any other creature who lives for the thrill of a good fight. Members of this House are ruled by only the strongest among them, whether that strength is physical, mental, or in their personality. After all, an enemy’s morale can be destroyed by a well-worded yo mama joke just as well as by a blow from an Æmber-infused warhammer.

The Into the Underworld Playmat offers a glimpse of the demon Snudge from House Dis. Along with his dark brethren, this creature dwells in the netherworld that divides the current layer of the Crucible from the last. The demons and imps of Dis cannot feel intense emotions on their own, instead stealing them from unfortunate prisoners and distilling them into imprints called “souls.” When Archons clash, such emotions are sure to run high, and you can be sure these creatures will be close to the action.

The Positron Bolt Playmat features one of the scholars from the Society for Logic and Reason, also known as House Logos. This House is divided into two factions: Theorists who focus on reason and possibility, and Mechanics who constantly run tests and study their results. While both sides believe theirs is the only true path to understanding, they are united by a passion for knowledge and a general lack of regard for ‘ethics’ and ‘morality,’ or anything else that would restrain their academic pursuits.

The Martian Madness Playmat displays your pride for the glorious empire of Mars with vibrant art of one of its many soldiers. This insular House strives to maintain its genetic and cultural purity, but the empire’s translocation to the Crucible has provided new benefits, like the psycho-reactive Æmber that helps their mind-control experiments and a host of new creatures with spliceable genes to create the ultimate Martian killing machine!

The Raiding Knight Playmat features one of the heavenly warriors of House Sanctum. This faction follows the teachings of the Church of the Opened Eye, keeping their territory safe, clean, and pleasant. Through hard work and religious study, Sanctum promises transcendence to its followers, but some claim that the House’s original members were always made of energy, so their promises of enlightenment are impossible. The truth of the matter is only open to a few, but if you have the will to walk among them, you may just find the answers you seek.

The Finishing Blow Playmat draws from the cunning House Shadows for its art. Filled with thieves, assassins, and general ne’er-do-wells, this House is known for speed, cleverness, and a loose interpretation of the term “personal property.” While they are willing to plot and backstab to make a profit, these creatures are willing to do anything to help a friend. But if you become the mark of one of their schemes, it’s a near-guarantee that you’ll never see it coming.

The Mighty Tiger Playmat features a battle between two of the powerful creatures of House Untamed. This House is tended by the mechanical faeries the Architects built ages ago and while they have kept balance in the wilds, they have made no effort to keep the wildlife separate. As such, new deadly species of flora and fauna have evolved, and some have even learned to use Æmber to bend the natural world to their will. The Crucible may be inhabitable to all creatures, but it certainly is not safe.

The Crucible Awaits

Now that the time has come for you to jump through the wormhole and make your mark on the Crucible, you can declare your favorite House and display your cards with pride. While a deck’s true power comes from the interactions between cards rather than a single key player, there is no harm in choosing favorites once in a while. 

Pick up your KeyForge: Call of the Archons playmats at your local retailer today or online through our website below!

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