1 November 2018 | Runewars Miniatures

Drive the Horde

Three Uthuk Y'llan Expansions for Runewars Miniatures Game Are Now Available


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The twisted blessings of the Ynfernael come in many forms. Some among the Uthuk Y’llan are gifted with powers over the many terrible creatures that haunt the Ru Darklands. Others follow a more subtle art of battle, delivering death from afar with piercing arrows and venom from the most dangerous serpents. Still others consume every scrap of power and demonic essence they can, growing huge and bloated with a monstrous strength to match their terrible size.

Now, the ranks of your horde can teem with even more unspeakable horrors. A new champion leads the Uthuk out of the Darklands while two new units join the march on the Aymhelin. The Beastmaster Th’Uk Tar Hero Expansion, Viper Legion Unit Expansion, and Obscenes Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game are available now!

Add to Your Pack

After being raised by a monstrous caecilian in the heart of the Darklands, Th’Uk Tar has returned to drive his pack to war. When he throws back his head and howls to the sky, packs of flesh rippers and monstrous spined threshers bound forward, eager to slay at his command. Now he longs to add the strange and wondrous creatures that dwell within the Aymhelin to his pack, for he knows that all beasts who face him will submit or be consumed.

Whether he enters the battle on his own or accompanied by his caecilian companion Gorgemaw, the Beastmaster is a true terror to behold, letting his presence be felt from the very beginning of a fight. Without Gorgemaw, he is a powerful calvary unit, bringing a non-unique allied unit to heel, removing that unit from its former position then redeploying it within Range 1 after deployment. When he rides alongside the caecilian, however, Th’Uk Tar becomes a towering siege unit, driving his followers forward with his Tyrant’s Lash.

The Beastmaster Th’Uk Tar Hero Expansion contains two new miniatures and unit cards for Beastmaster Th’Uk Tar to lead your locust swarm in either form, along with one command tool, a collection of tokens, a new terrain piece, an objective card, and a deployment card to further customize your battles. Finally, this expansion includes thirteen upgrade cards to increase Th’Uk Tar’s effectiveness in battle, with or without Gorgemaw.

A Toxic Brotherhood

Most of the unspeakable horrors that make up the ranks of the Uthuk Y’llan rely on brutal power and peerless dominance to destroy those who would stand in the way of the horde. There are some, though, that prefer to use cunning ambushes and devious toxins to slay thousands. To them, a bow and quiver of poisoned arrows are efficient instruments of death, delivering a quick death rather than glorying in pointless tests of strength.

The archers of the Viper Legion provide vital ranged support to the rest of your Uthuk Y’llan, raining arrows down on your enemies. Far from simply dealing damage, however, the members of the Viper Legion are adept at using all manner of tricks to spread disorder. If they exercise the Aim of the Serpent during a ranged attack, for example, you can replace one bane token on the defender with another that better suits your plans.

The Viper Legion Unit Expansion puts eight archers at your command and lets you choose what skills they use from five upgrade cards. You’ll also find a command tool in this expansion, along with two movement trays and a collection of tokens—everything you need to sow the seeds of chaos across the battlefield.

A Foul Hunger

Even amongst the bloodthirsty Uthuk Y’llan, most warlords and tribal chiefs are cautious about welcoming an obscene into their ranks. The demonic power infused in their limbs and veins may give the obscene a monstrous strength to equal their size, but the hunger within their guts is never sated and they tend to look at their comrades with greedy, starving gazes.

You can harness this hunger to your advantage with the Obscenes Unit Expansion. The two miniatures found in this expansion are a horror on the battlefield, tearing flesh, devouring enemies whole, and paralyzing prey with the tainted, blight-filled spittle that drips from their teeth. They can always use a skill action to force an engaged enemy to perform a speed-one shift, drawing them even closer to the obscene's slavering maw.

In addition to its two miniatures, this expansion also contains two unit cards, two movement trays, two command tools, a collection of tokens, and eight upgrade cards to customize and strengthen your Locust Swarm. 

Greater Ferocity

Whether driven forward by the lash of bone whips, the desire to sow chaos, or an insatiable hunger for power, the Uthuk march forth. With these troops under your command, no force in Terrinoth will be able to stand in your way.

Order your copy of the Beastmaster Th’Uk Tar Hero Expansion (RWM33), Viper Legion Unit Expansion (RWM36), and Obscenes Unit Expansion (RWM37) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website!

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