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The Depths of Yoth Is Now Available for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


Formerly several races of them had inhabited the entire underground world, which stretched down to unfathomable abysses and which included besides the blue-litten region a red-litten region called Yoth, where relics of a still older and non-human race were found by archaeologists.
   –H.P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop, “The Mound”

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You should have never come here.

In The Forgotten Age, you jumped at the chance to join a scientific expedition searching for a lost Aztec city-state, but your pursuit set off a series of events that placed the whole world in peril. You were forced to make your way back, to undo your mistake, but each step you take to save the Earth puts your own life in greater danger. Now, you find yourself at the edge of a seemingly bottomless, monster-filled cavern, and you cannot turn back. Your fate lies below.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that The Depths of Yoth, the fifth Mythos Pack in The Forgotten Age cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, is on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website!

Welcome to Yoth

Following your adventures in The City of Archives, you have reached the rim of a fathomless chasm. It is quiet, and only the crumbling of stone and your echoing footfalls can be heard in the tunnels surrounding you. Far below, a strange red glow illuminates the cavern, drawing your attention to a winding stair, the only path. Every fiber of your being is screaming for you to turn back, for only hell can await below. But where can you go? There is nowhere left to run. So slowly, cautiously, you begin your descent into Yoth.

Each level of the cavern speaks of another age lost to history, and the deeper you travel beneath the Earth, the more dangerous your journey becomes. As you journey deeper into Yoth, resources will be added to the “Current Depth” area on the scenario reference card. Deeper levels are deadlier, but the more you explore the ruins, the better equipped you will be to solve the riddle of what has led you here and save the world from your error. For example, the Abandoned Site (The Depths of Yoth, 294) has a shroud equal to the current depth level, while Bathophobia (The Depths of Yoth, 301) becomes more and more difficult to overcome the further you descend into the depths. But unfortunately for your team, the only exit lies below.

What It Takes to Survive

The monster-filled depths below the surface of our world are full of danger, but you are not without new tricks of your own. If you are stepping into the role of a Guardian like Leo Anderson (The Forgotten Age, 1), you can use a set of Handcuffs (The Depths of Yoth, 265) to slip away from any mortal pursuers and lock them down, unable to ready or push you closer to your doom. Or for the less conventional, Guardians gain access to their first Spell in the form of Blood Eclipse (The Depths of Yoth, 266). In addition to paying a resource, you may also choose to offer a blood sacrifice, suffering up to three damage to increase the spell’s effectiveness. Then, you'll attack using your willpower instead of combat, increasing your willpower and dealing extra damage to your enemy for each damage you suffered. While switching combat and willpower may not offer an additional benefit to Leo, his signature Ally, Mitch Brown (The Forgotten Age, 6), gives him two additional ally slots, so it is incredibly unlikely that he will have to pay the blood price himself.

But Guardians are not the only investigators who find new surprises in The Depths of Yoth. Rogues have a new trick up their sleeve with the Colt Vest Pocket (The Depths of Yoth, 268). With this Firearm, you have five shots, but only one round to use them. You'll have to use your cleverest tricks, like Ace in the Hole (Where Doom Awaits, 266), to get the most out of this weapon. As Rogues put their cunning to use, Survivors can take what they have learned in past investigations and try Winging It (The Depths of Yoth, 272) to search for clues at their location. After all, if it works in the movies, who’s to say it can’t work here?

The journey to this point has already pushed you to the edge of death and insanity. Now, trapped in the dark ruins of Yoth with a long road ahead of you, all you may wish for is a small memory of home to remind you what you’re fighting for. You can store a little healing comfort in a Thermos (The Depths of Yoth, 274), which any investigator can carry, regardless of their class. Partaking of this healing draught can heal a single damage or horror, or more if you have suffered trauma. Not only can this Item be carried by anyone, its healing properties can also be offered to any investigator at your location. If your team can stick together and care for one another, you may just make it out of here alive.

Begin the Descent

While it is easy to become consumed by dread, you may also experience a tinge of morbid curiosity. Something terrible and unnatural awaits at the bottom of this pit—what is it? Stand tall, face your fate with courage, and uncover the secrets of The Depths of Yoth

Pick up your copy of The Depths of Yoth (AHC24) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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