17 January 2018 | Star Wars: Destiny

Download Your Holocrons

The Standard and Trilogy Holocrons for Star Wars™: Destiny Are Now Available

The Star Wars™: Destiny Standard Holocron (pdf, 186 KB) and Trilogy Holocron (pdf, 233 KB) are now available for download!

Recently, we introduced three constructed formats for Star Wars: Destiny. They each use specific card pools to promote different play experiences, and you can learn more about these product cycles and rotation from the article, "What Lies Ahead."

  • The Standard format is the primary environment for competitive play. It consists of all products from the latest two cycles, as well as all products associated with an unreleased cycle.
  • The Trilogy format is fluid and accessible to newer players. It consists of only the latest cycle and all products associated with an unreleased cycle.
  • The Infinite format will cater to master deck builders and experienced veterans. It will consist of all Destiny products that have been released.

These formats exist so that players of all levels can enjoy the Destiny experiences that most appeal to them. They encourage the exploration of new decks and strategies. They make it easier for new players to jump into competitive play. And each of these formats is governed by a single Holocron, which details everything players need to know to build a format-legal deck.

What Does a Holocron Do?

Each Holocron defines and governs a single format for Star Wars: Destiny.

  • It provides a list of all sets of cards currently eligible for play within the format, and it displays the identifying symbol for each of these sets.
  • It lists the card errata from the Rules Reference (pdf, 10.0 MB) for all eligible cards.
  • It presents format-specific changes to cards or rules as they become necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced play environment.

How Does a Holocron Balance Its Format?

A Holocron may use a variety of balance tools to promote diversity and fun within the format it governs.

The balance tool currently employed by the Standard Holocron and Trilogy Holocron is the Balance of the Force list. This list temporarily applies format-specific adjustments to the point costs for select characters. The adjustments introduced by this list will differ between formats to reflect their distinct combinations and possibilities.

As the game and its formats evolve, the Holocrons may introduce other balance tools to support the health of the environments they govern.

When Will the Holocrons Be Updated?

Like the game's Rules Reference, the Star Wars: Destiny Holocrons are living documents and will be updated as necessary.

You can find the most recent version of each document available on the Star Wars: Destiny product page, and you can follow our Twitter account @FFGOP for updates. On the first weekday of each month, we will announce which Holocons—if any—will be updated that month.

The Infinite format and its Holocron will not be introduced until the Standard format experiences its first rotation.

Download and Roll Out

The Standard Holocron (pdf, 186 KB) and Trilogy Holocron (pdf, 233 KB) go into effect with the official release of the Legacies set on February 1st, 2018. Download and review these documents today!

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