A Galaxy On Fire

Previewing the Known Galaxy of Dawn of Rebellion

They promised eternal peace. They proclaimed the Jedi dead, and with them, their theocratic control of a civilization. They promised the galaxy. As this new order takes hold, it's only now that the citizens of this galaxy watch as its forceful grip squeezes tight around the stars, and threatens to strangle the very life from them.

For many though, especially those in the Core Worlds, the Empire has delivered on their promises. The stability, security, and prosperity they enjoy far surpasses any time of peace in living memory. For them, the struggle to eradicate the Rebellion, the brutally harsh penalties for criminals, and the Inquisition of those with Force abilities are well beyond arm’s length. But the galaxy is a big place, and sometimes strife simmers just below the surface.

Dawn of Rebellion is a new sourcebook coming soon for the Star Wars™ Roleplaying Game and provides players and gamemasters with a wealth of information on life in a galaxy under the newly-formed Empire. The Rebellion still sits in its infancy, barely more than a whisper on the lips of a brave few, and most citizens were resigned to try and make a new way for themselves in this New Order. It is this specific, and precarious setting, that the new Dawn of Rebellion sourcebook takes place, which we will examine closely in today's preview.

Doomed Hope

Before its funeral pyre ignited a revolution, Alderaan was a beacon of peace and hope for thousands of years. In the time of Dawn of Rebellion, it is a world of nobility and democracy, culture and beauty. Alderaanians work diligently to preserve their classical way of life despite a looming Empire seeking to crush their renowned sense of virtue. From the island capital city of Aldera, the legendary Organa family works from within the Imperial Senate to try to guide policies that protect not only the people of Alderaan, but the vulnerable scattered across the galaxy. All the while, the Organas secretly make a concerted effort to bring down the Empire by actively aiding the Rebellion with funds, materials, and information.

Hidden Refuge

The desolate desert planet of Atollon serves as one of the first Rebellion strongholds. Atollon’s inhospitality to most life forms and its lack of known valuable resources has left the world almost entirely forgotten and untouched. Plotting a course there is a challenging task even to seasoned astrogators, and so the fledgling Rebellion found it to be a perfect location for Chopper Base, a haven from which to gather supplies, collect intelligence, and launch raids against the Empire.

The planet itself is dry and unwelcoming. The most notable topographical features are the massive coral formations built by the subsurface spring water that is remarkably rich in mineral content. Life on this dusty red planet is understandably sparse with the majority of what could be charitably called a biome made up of the predatory spider-like krykna and the more docile dokma, who resemble large snails with shells made of minerals syphoned off of the abundant coral. A mysterious Force entity that calls itself Bendu also resides on Atollon, though its purpose and intentions are enigmatic. Its proscription of perfect Force balance, a central path between the light side and the dark, gives it a unique perspective on the motives and methods of the Force-sensitive beings who seek it out.

Perfect Destruction

Born from the clever minds of Geonosian engineers during the Clone Wars and secretly funded from Republic coffers by the corrupt Chancellor Palpatine, no undertaking in history has taken more from the galaxy than the DS-1; the Death Star. For over a decade, laborers and technicians constructed this terror in the sky above Geonosis while the forces of the Empire plundered entire worlds for the kinds of materials money couldn’t buy. Namely, the rare and powerful energy-focusing kyber crystals. These crystals, once used in the lightsabers of Jedi, are essential for the operation of the Mk I Superlaser, a doomsday weapon without parallel.

Without the Superlaser, the Death Star would be the most powerful and intimidating space station ever created. Hyperspace-capable, its thousands upon thousands of turbolaser batteries are capable of annihilating fleets of capital ships with impunity. Major cities could be razed from orbit while a garrison of hundreds of thousands of stormtroopers could occupy a planet faster than any sort of resistance could be mustered.

But with the Superlaser? Power turns into abject horror. In mere seconds, this moon-sized station can, quite literally, turn a planet into dust. Thousands of years of civilization and millions of beings on a rock billions of years old can become debris and vapor with the mere push of a few buttons and the pull of a lever. In that moment, complete destruction becomes an abstraction; if a world can exist, and then not exist, by the will of man, what is anyone to do?

Check back frequently to our website to see how Dawn of Rebellion will aid players and gamemasters in crafting their own Star Wars tales set in the shadow of invulnerable tyranny! Will you run daring smuggling runs through Imperial blockades in Edge of the Empire? Will you run guerrilla operations against armored strongholds on Empire-occupied worlds in Age of Rebellion? Or you will you seek hiding and safety in a vain hope to preserve the legacy of the Jedi, and your life, in Force and Destiny?

Where will you set your adventures? Plan well, Dawn of Rebellion (SWR10) will arrive at retailers in Q4 of 2017!

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