22 September 2017 | Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Unlimited Power

Announcing the Sourcebook for Mystics in Star Wars™: Force and Destiny

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”
   –Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back 

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce Unlimited Power, an all-new sourcebook for Mystic characters in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny roleplaying game. 

The moment Luke heard his uncle call Ben Kenobi a "wizard," the Star Wars galaxy became one of magic and mysticism, and the Mystic is a fundamental part of both Star Wars and the Force and Destiny roleplaying game. Unlimited Power, the new sourcebook for Mystic characters, greatly expands options for Mystic characters in your campaign. New Force powers will offer untold advantages and tie your characters even more deeply to the mysterious energy that binds the galaxy together and the ancient practice of alchemy enters your games of exploring the deeper mysteries of the Force.

A Mystic's goal is to be an ally and partner to the Force, never its master. By allowing the Force to flow through them, the they are able to unlock unlimited potential and discover their destiny in the galaxy. Between the Jedi and the Sith, you already know there is no definitive Mystic realization, and Unlimited Power introduces three new specializations to join the Makashi Duelist, Advisor, and Seer options already available. 

More than just a sourcebook for Mystic players, Unlimited Power includes three new species tuned in to the Force, new equipment, adventure ideas to allow your Game Master to weave mysticism into your campaign, and plenty of new lore to expand your galaxy.

Mysteries of the Galaxy

To know the galaxy will never be completely known may be the most important lesson of the Mystic, allowing him or her to focus on what they can do now to better understand the Force. No two Mystics will follow the same path, but many find themselves in similar places. In addition to the Advisor, Seer, and Makashi Duelist, players can now specialize as an Alchemist, Magus, or Prophet.

While the Jedi Order never embraced alchemy as enthusiastically as the Frangawl Cult on Bardotta or the Nightsisters of Dathomir, it is not known whether they associated the dark side with the alchemical process of binding the Force to physical objects. All the better for the Alchemist, who decide for themselves whether to use their creations for the light or the dark. They extend Force alchemy beyond lightsaber construction and can create medicines—or poisons.

The Magus wraps themselves in a similar controversy: seeking out or even embracing so-called forbidden knowledge to commune with the Cosmic Force. Unrestricted by the Jedi Order and defiant of the Galactic Empire, a Magus searches the galaxy for knowledge of the Force, confident they can alter reality, perhaps even create life, if only they know enough. 

In times of crisis, beings look for a shining light amid the darkness, and in Force and Destiny, the Prophet is that light. By directly interacting with people, the Prophet spreads the word of the Force not to convert directly but simply to inspire hope. They help interpret the will of the Force for others, though some have found the rule of the Galactic Empire a perfect time to use their proselytizing for more selfish ends.

Dangerous Crafts

The Force is a powerful ally, but even those who struggle to connect with it can benefit from its strength. While the lightsaber and the holocron might be immediately recognizable as tools of Force users, there are relics of the tradition that channel the Force in different ways. Unlimited Power introduces new weapons, armor, gear, equipment, vehicles, and starships that are either tied to the Force directly or frequently used by Mystics and their fellow adventurers. 

The Force has always guided civilizations as they developed, and many cultures understood their relationship to the Force through mysticism. The Tholothians are able to see glimpse the Living Force through their Hometrees while the Thisspiasians have deeply integrated their pomp and ceremonies with the Force. Many less benign societies have successfully bent the Force to more violent ends; the Sith were known to infuse swords with the power of the dark side, for instance. Weapons like a "lucky" blaster or Semblan Obsidian Dagger could put the Force in the hands of an average smuggler or soldier.

A selection of focuses, fetishes, and figurines exist to help ground the young Mystic, shutting out distractions and allowing them to focus on and channel the Force. Thisspiasian Puzzle Rings were created to introduce students to the Force, as they can only be untangled by interacting with the Force. Now characters who focus on them might find themselves briefly connected to the Force and subject to visions. Your own Mystic might prefer a Vision Cube or a Vurk Meditation Orb.

When combat comes to the campaign, your lightsaber wielders will appreciate a new selection of pommel attachments, including a Walking Stick Hilt Disguise, Tholothian Heartwood Hilt, and Thisspiasian Stabilizing Coils. A pair of new lightsaber crystal options could tie your campaign to the Nightsisters of Dathomir as well, with a tainted crystal that has been soaked in the waters of the dread planet.

Be Guided by the Force

Star Wars: Force and Destiny brought the Mystic to your gaming table, and Unlimited Power aims to bind those characters more deeply to the Force than ever before. Give more options to your Force users and allow them to become closer to the Jedi (or Sith) that inspired their relationship with the Force. Even the Consular or Guardian can benefit from the Sith Pain Harness or a Heartwood Blaster introduced among the new equipment. Check back on our website for more information and previews of what's in store when the Mystic explores the deeper secrets of the Force.

Open your campaign to new adventure with Unlimited Power (SWF52), arriving in Q2 of 2018, and pre-order with your local retailer or from our website here!

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