21 September 2017 | Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Finding the Harmony

Consular Specialization and Signature Ability Decks Are Now Available

“Close your eyes. Feel it. The light…it’s always been there. It will guide you.”
   –Maz Kanata, The Force Awakens

The life of a Force user in the time of the Galactic Empire is a dangerous one; not only is there no Jedi Order to guide you, the Empire has prioritized the eradication of those who could pose a threat. It is in these times of great conflict that the Consular is most needed, attempting to bring insight and peace wherever she may go. Whether a diplomat negotiating an end to planet-wide war or an advisor brokering a trade agreement between local businesses, the Consular uses her abilities and proficiency with the Force to bring balance and impart knowledge on those she encounters. 

Three new Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ Specialization Decks and one new Signature Ability Deck are available now, preparing you to think on your feet when negotiating as an Arbiter, instructing students as a Teacher, or offering razor-sharp insights as an Ascetic. Each Specialization Deck includes twenty cards, with each card corresponding to a single talent for the given Consular Specialization so players and GMs can quickly reference necessary rules and keep the focus where it belongs: adventures in a galaxy far, far away.

Disciples of Harmony

Players were introduced to the Consular career in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny core rulebook, with the Healer, Sage, and Niman Disciple specializations, but the Disciples of Harmony sourcebook doubles those options with the addition of the Ascetic, Arbiter, and Teacher specializations. These negotiators, educators, and peacemakers are located all over the galaxy, and while diplomats like Princess Leia Organa and Jedi Masters like Qui-Gon Jinn prove that the Consular can be incredibly high-profile, just as many concern themselves with everyday affairs. 

  • Arbiter: Whether keeping an eye on local politics to avoid butterfly-effect-like repercussions on a grander scale or actually negotiating peace between warring worlds, the Arbiter believes that there must always exist a peaceful resolution to conflict.
  • Ascetic: Having given up all but the most basic of necessities, the Ascetic has attuned herself to the Force and sharpened her insight to offer tightly focused solutions that may not be as obvious to those concerned with more worldly matters. 
  • Teacher: Years of experience have led this Consular to one of the most noble pursuits, teaching and enhancing the innate skills of others. The Teacher helps to guide those with a sensitivity to the Force in the hope that they may one day surpass her.

Each of these three specializations features a vastly different set of talents, detailed in full in Disciples of Harmony as well as in their respective Specialization Decks. All Consular characters should look to the Signature Ability Deck, breaking down the new Consular Signature Abilities, Unmatched Negotiation and Much to Learn.

Choose Your Path

Perhaps you are a seasoned Sage, Healer, or Niman Disciple seeking a new direction, or you could simply be a new Consular unsure of which specialization suits you. There is no Jedi Order to guide you, to illuminate your path toward a great destiny; it is up to you. With a Consular Specialization Deck and a Consular Signature Ability Deck, you can literally take your destiny into your hands. Each deck includes stunning art along with its talent and ability descriptions, helping bring the atmosphere of the Star Wars galaxy to your gaming table. 

Pick up your Consular Specialization and Signature Ability Decks today!

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