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Last November, Chris Dyer battled through a field against hundreds of other players, snatching data from the hearts of heavily-iced corp servers and blocking the runners who tried to do the same to him. Now, you have the chance to field those decks yourself, use them as a base for your own deckbuilding, or simply gain access to stunning, extended art versions of powerful cards. The 2016 Android: Netrunner World Champion Corp Deck and the 2016 Android: Netrunner World Champion Runner Deck are now available for Android: Netrunner!

Protect What’s Yours

Your first stop to getting inside the mind of 2016 World Champion Chris Dyer is to pick up the Corp and Runner Decks, but before you take them to the field, you’ll want to know how they should be played. We conducted two interviews with Chris, giving you a closer look at exactly what his goals are in every game and with each deck. 

When asked about his Controlling the Message (23 Seconds, 17) deck, Chris said, “I'd picked up Controlling the Message before UK Nationals in August, and my testing group and I immediately found it extremely strong. The idea is that you use Controlling the Message's defensive ability to protect very high impact but fragile assets, such as Sensie Actors Union  (Democracy and Dogma, 53) and Commercial Bankers Group  (Democracy and Dogma, 54). If the runner contests those assets, then it will cost them a lot of their early turns, and if they don't, then your board state will quickly snowball with the extra cards and money that they give you.”

For more of Chris’s thoughts, click here to read the full interview.

Identity (1):
NBN: Controlling the Message

Agenda (10):
AstroScript Pilot Program (1), Breaking News (3), Project Beale (3), Global Food Initiative (3)

Asset (9):
Sensie Actors Union (3), Commercial Bankers Group (2), PAD Campaign (1), Jackson Howard (3)

Ice (13):
Cobra (1), Tollbooth (2), Enigma (1), Pop-up Window (2), Archangel (2), Resistor (3), Turnpike (2)

Operation (13):
Exchange of Information (2), Hard-Hitting News (2), Closed Accounts (2), Psychographics (1), Hedge Fund (3), Sweeps Week (3)

Upgrade (4):
Mumbad Virtual Tour (2), SanSan City Grid (2) 

Run Like a Champ

Next, we turned our attention to the Runner deck, showcasing Whizzard (What Lies Ahead, 1). Like the Corp Deck, the 2016 Android: Netrunner Champion Runner Deck features the complete deck, exactly as it was used to win the World Championships, but now featuring beautiful extended art on every card. 

We spoke to Chris Dyer about his reasons for playing Whizzard, and he said, “I was really playing Whizzard as a direct counter to Controlling the Message, which we thought was clearly the best Corp deck and therefore the one we were going to have to play against the most. The three recurring credits are crucial to be able to contest the early assets that Controlling the Message plays without hurting your economy too much. At that point, the only decision was which sort of Whizzard we should play.”

To hear more from Chris about his Whizzard deck, click here to read the full interview.

Identity (1):

Event (15):
Déjà Vu (1), I’ve Had Worse (3), Inject (2), Retrieval Run (1), Dirty Laundry (3), Employee Strike (2), Sure Gamble (3)

Hardware (4):
Obelus (2), Net-Ready Eyes (1), Plascrete Carapace (1)

Program (14):
Datasucker (2), Medium (2), Mimic (2), Paperclip (2), Parasite (3), Progenitor (1), Yog.0 (2)

Resource (12):
Ice Carver (1), Liberated Account (1), Street Peddler (3), Temüjin Contract (3), Daily Casts (3), Earthrise Hotel (1)

Become the Best

Two decks, carefully tuned and brilliantly piloted to the top of the 2016 Android: Netrunner World Championships. Now, those decks can be yours—to play as complete decks, to inspire your deckbuilding, or simply to add beautiful, extended art cards to your collection.

Pick up your copies of the 2016 Android: Netrunner World Champion Corp Deck (CHP03) and the 2016 Android: Netrunner World Champion Runner Deck (CHP04) at your local retailer today!

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