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Disciples of Harmony Is On Sale Now

“Wars not make one great.”
   –Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

Disciples of Harmony, an all-new sourcebook focused on the Consular career path in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, is on sale now in the Fantasy Flight Games online store and your local gaming store.

The rising Galactic Empire and the disbanded Jedi Order have caused Jedi Knights to become the stuff of legend throughout the galaxy, but a select few guard the truth and protect the ways of the Jedi. Players were first introduced to the Consular career in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook, and Disciples of Harmony expands your options for these galactic peacemakers with new specializations, races, Force powers, and gear. This new sourcebook also includes suggestions and adventure hooks for Game Masters to better incorporate the Consular into a campaign.

In addition to the player character, Disciples of Harmony introduces the idea of the mentor in the form of a Consular NPC: a Yoda, a Qui-Gon, or even a Palpatine who can play a significant role in the past and future of a character.

New Career Specializations

In the Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook, players were introduced to the Healer, Sage, and Niman Disciple specialization, but there are infinite routes to peace. Disciples of Harmony doubles the career specializations available to the Consular with these additions:

  • Arbiters: If you feel a personal sting at the injustices of the galaxy and desire to balance the scales, consider the Arbiter specialization. These peacemakers are particularly adept at resolving conflict in combat zones, from ground skirmishes to galactic warfare.
  • Ascetics: The chaos of the galaxy has driven the Ascetic to seek peace within and abandon the comforts of modern society. By focusing on the Force, these Consulars develop an inner strength and are adept at searching themselves for insight.
  • Teachers: A Teacher absorbs knowledge of the Force and the galaxy surrounding them in order to impart it on others and pass on what they have learned. These Consular characters make the most of their accumulated wisdom and enhance the innate abilities of others.

Disciples of Harmony breaks down the key differences between these specializations and elaborates on the Sage, Healer, and Niman Disciple to plant the Consular player character firmly on the path of conflict resolution and peace.

New Species

Although there are Consulars of nearly every species in the galaxy, some cultures are particularly adept at conflict resolution; the three new species in Disciples of Harmony are not restricted to the career of the Consular but will find themselves at an advantage when it comes time to negotiate.

  • Arkanian: Cold and a bit detached, the Arkanian society is built around the idea of  genetic perfection and a scientific resolution to problems, making them skilled at cutting emotion from the equation.
  • Cosian: This reptilian species may look threatening at a glance, but the average Cosian is soft-spoken and kind-hearted with a sense of curiosity that makes them natural explorers and learners.
  • Pau'an: The gaunt frames of the Pau'an are in stark contrast to their friendly personalities; their long lifespans make the Pau'an particularly skilled at negotiating (and re-negotiating) lasting peace agreements through the generations.

Discover New Equipment and Adventure

Disciples of Harmony expands well beyond the core rulebook, and these specializations and species are just the start; this new sourcebook includes weapons and gear specifically designed to help peacefully resolve conflicts, new vehicles, and new starships. And for campaigns that already feature a Consular, Disciples of Harmony introduces new possibilities for adventure!

Disciples of Harmony is available now; start spreading peace to the galaxy today!

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