20 April 2017 | Star Wars: Destiny

A Growing Rebellion

Order Prize Kits For Spirit of Rebellion Now

In response to the overwhelming popularity of the prizes for the Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event for Star Wars™: Destiny, we are now offering the included prize kits for order to all retailers! Contact your distributor and get ready to host your own event with product from one or more of the upcoming waves of Spirit of Rebellion booster packs!

Information for Players

Star Wars: Destiny is the new collectible dice and card game from Fantasy Flight Games that tasks players with outfitting their dream team of Star Wars characters to do battle at iconic locations across the universe. This event invites you to bring a deck (or two), and experience the new cards from Spirit of Rebellion while winning some awesome extended art prize cards!

Every participant in the event will receive a Mission Brief card, detailing some goals to focus on as you play. When you complete each of these three unique objectives during your games of Destiny, the organizer will reward you with an extended art prize card from Spirit of Rebellion!


Information for Retailers

Each kit (product code OP039) comes with enough prize materials for up to twelve players, with each receiving four cards: a Mission Brief and one of each of the three different prize cards. An extra copy of each prize card is included for the organizer to keep or award at their discretion.

Be sure to set aside at least one booster display (36 packs per display, product code SWD04) with each kit you intend to use, so that each player has the opportunity to purchase a minimum of three booster packs as they begin the event.

Contact your distributor, download the poster and sign-up sheet, and prepare for the Spirit of Rebellion to spread to your sector with this exciting event!

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