12 April 2017 | Android: Netrunner LCG

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Find a Terminal Directive Event Near You


__Runner:: Stock up on Diesel, and make sure your breaker suite is running at top speed…
__Corp:: Tell your underlings to clear their schedules. They're about to work some overtime…

The TERMINAL DIRECTIVE campaign expansion for ANDROID: NETRUNNER is nearly here, and you can make your plans to dive into its dark and gritty MURDER MYSTERY by heading straight to our Terminal Directive Event Locator!

Where will you access your first taste of the narrative campaign's futuristic cybercrime? Find a venue near you, and mark your calendar. The Terminal Directive release event is your chance to claim exclusive full-bleed versions of the expansion's Corp and Runner IDs, and you can earn even more full-bleed cards by completing a series of tasks in your games as Corp and Runner.

// Query: What is Terminal Directive?

In case you missed our announcement of the Terminal Directive campaign expansion—and the previews in which we explored its unique CAMPAIGN RULES and CAMPAIGN EXPERIENCE—we can summarize the expansion as an ideal second step into Android: Netrunner.

First of all, you get a MASSIVE UPLOAD of new player cards and IDs. Altogether, there are 163 new cards—two Corp IDs, two Runner IDs, and three copies each of twenty-eight Corp cards and twenty-five Runner cards. These promote a wide range of new strategies and permit you to more fully explore the bluffing, economic warfare, and counter-bluffing you began with the Core Set's cyberstruggles.

But it is the expansion's EVER-EVOLVING MYSTERY that really sets it apart. Over the course of roughly eight to twelve (or more) games, Terminal Directive immerses you in the deadly corporate politics and info-trafficking of the Android universe. You'll pick one side—Corp or Runner—build your deck and compete for control of some of the world's MOST SENSITIVE DATA.

Are you protecting valuable trade secrets? Cleaning any evidence that may prove damning? Selling your discoveries to the highest bidder? Or simply curious? The more you play, the deeper you'll find yourself slipping down the rabbit hole. And only one of you can CONTROL THE TRUTH.

__Criminal Profile: Ayla "Bios" Rahim

While it's certainly possible to play the Terminal Directive campaign with a card pool bolstered by numerous Data Packs and deluxe expansions, its core experience was designed to play with just one copy of Terminal Directive and one copy of the Core Set.

Together, these two products supply you—and your friend—with all you need to start digging through the campaign's many layers of mystery. And to get you started, the Terminal Directive rulebook offers four sample deck lists that the two products will allow you to assemble—one for each of the Terminal Directive IDs.

And since many of you told us you wanted most to jack in and attack the mystery as Shaper Ayla "Bios" Rahim, we offer you her profile (pdf, 493 KB) and sample deck list:


  • Ayla “Bios” Rahim


  • 2x Careful Planning
  • 2x Deep Data Mining
  • 3x Diesel*
  • 3x Modded*
  • 3x Process Automation
  • 3x Special Order*
  • 1x Stimhack*
  • 3x Sure Gamble*


  • 2x The Personal Touch*
  • 2x Ubax


  • 3x Datasucker*
  • 3x Dhegdheer
  • 3x Magnum Opus*
  • 2x Adept
  • 2x Gordian Blade*
  • 1x Mammon


  • 2x Biometric Spoofing
  • 2x Dean Lister

*Android: Netrunner Core Set

Let Nothing Stand in Your Way

In your games of Android: Netrunner, you become one of the world's MOST TALENTED cybercriminals, or you assume command of one of its MONOLITHIC megacorps, with nearly unlimited resources at your disposal. There's no way you're going to let a couple setbacks deter you from your mission…

Start your exploration of Terminal Directive (ADN42) today. Find the scene of your crime. Make your plans to attend the Terminal Directive release event!

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