7 March 2017 | Star Wars: Destiny

Start Your Rebellion

Announcing the Global Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event


Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event, taking place April 1-2 all around the world. This event will give you the opportunity to preview Spirit of Rebellion, the new Star Wars: Destiny set, weeks before its official release and earn exclusive extended-art cards! Meet new friends, have fun at your local game store, and get your hands on Spirit of Rebellion before anyone else!

Information for Players

Star Wars: Destiny is the new collectible dice and card game from Fantasy Flight Games that tasks players with outfitting their dream Star Wars teams to do battle at iconic locations across the universe. This event is a great way for fans to grab a few packs of Spirit of Rebellion early, as well as offering a truly unique and fun experience that promises a one-of-a-kind challenge and exclusive extended art cards!

So bring your Star Wars: Destiny decks down to the Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event to not only upgrade them with your brand-new cards, but to compete against other local players in your area. Organizers will help pair players up in a casual format to try out the new cards and celebrate the launch of Spirit of Rebellion.

As you compete in the Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event, you’ll complete specific objectives listed on the Mission card included with the Event Kit. When you complete each of these three unique objectives during your games of Destiny, let your organizer know, and you’ll be rewarded with an extended art card from Spirit of Rebellion. Additionally, each player will have the opportunity to purchase three booster packs when the event begins, allowing you to include these new Spirit of Rebellion cards in your Destiny decks!

These events are being run at select local hobby game stores worldwide. Don’t get left out, ask your local game store about hosting a Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event today!

Complete objectives in the Spirit of Rebellion Preview Event to earn up to three extended art cards!

Information for Retailers

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your Star Wars: Destiny community or get one started. Pre-order your Spirit of Rebellion Prerelease Package to guarantee your store a Preview Event!

  • U.S. Retailers: Contact your approved distributor or your sales representative.
  • International Retailers: Contact your local distributor.

Three kits and three booster pack displays (108 booster packs) are included in each Prerelease Package. Each Spirit of Rebellion Prerelease Package also comes with thirty-six copies of three different extended art cards, with three additional sets for the event organizers. Each of the three different extended art cards are from the new set, Spirit of Rebellion, giving your players a chance to own new cards just by participating in the event!

Set a time on April 1-2 for the event and advertise it in your store and community. Download a poster and sign-up sheet on the Star Wars: Destiny minisite to post up in your store. Let your players know that they should bring a deck (or two), and that they may purchase up to three booster packs of Spirit of Rebellion for early access to the new cards.

At the announced time, set aside space for Star Wars: Destiny players to participate in open play. Offer your help in pairing players, but do not run a formal tournament or competition. As players complete objectives, they can come to you to receive extended art cards, one for each objective they’ve completed.

Order your Spirit of Rebellion Prerelease Package now to ensure your community a Star Wars: Destiny celebration weeks before this new set arrives in stores during the second quarter of 2017. Spirit of Rebellion is the second set of booster packs for Star Wars: Destiny and features crowd-favorite characters from Rogue One™, as well as other Star Wars films.

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