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The New Consular Sourcebook Adds Depth to Your Campaign

“I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a committee!”
  - Queen Amidala, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Though a Consular knows there are multiple paths to peace, the decision between forging through difficult negotiations or reaching for one's lightsaber is never easy. The role of a Consular is to constantly evaluate the situation at hand and determine the best way to bring about a peaceful resolution. To help attaining this rather nebulous goal, the new Disciples of Harmony sourcebook expands players' choices in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, and also offers Game Masters a wealth of options for adding depth to a campaign.

More than a supplement for Consular career paths and specializations, Disciples of Harmony supplements the core Force and Destiny rulebook with equipment, droids, starships, and adventure possibilities. Every page works to bring new life to the familiar and build your campaign into an adventure as rich as the Star Wars galaxy deserves.

Today's preview includes a look at new gear to help a Consular bring peace as well as an adventure hook designed to utilize their many diplomatic strengths.

New Gear and Weapons

In a galaxy filled with blaster rifles, vibro-axes, and lightsabers, attempting to find a peaceful resolution can be difficult in the best of situations. Disciples of Harmony brings a diverse selection of new gear to help player characters put an end to conflict as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  • Ranged Weapons: The AJ-23 Concussive Rifle releases blasts of concussive force capable of knocking down adults of most species without resulting in permanent injury. The Tenloss IDX-9 Ion Stunner also works toward incapacitation, disrupting the neural pathways of living creatures and the electronic components of droids.
  • Melee Weapons: A Fear Stick is compact, easily concealable, and undetectable by traditional weapons scanners, injecting a powerful compound that delivers an intense fear response. The new Borstel Neuronic Lash projects a flexible strand of energy that can deliver whip-like attacks to those nearby.
  • Survival Gear: The duties of a Consular can take a player all over the galaxy, and one must be prepared for any situation. An Environmental Cocoon is a small inflatable structure that protects a character in a typically hostile environment. A microimager can magnify up to 100,000 times to search for dangerous microorganisms or forensic samples.
  • Weapon Attachments: A Hilt-Masking Kit can be used to disguise a lightsaber from those who know it to be a truly feared weapon while a Pommel Cap adds a nonlethal combat option to the typical lightsaber hilt to incapacitate an opponent.

These are just some examples of the combat resolution tools at the disposal of a well-equipped Consular; you'll find more in Disciples of Harmony.

Vehicles and Starships

As a Consular, you may be called upon to visit all manner of hostile environments; conflicts are not limited to the cities of civilized worlds, after all. To reach the distant outposts where their skills might be needed, a Consular may require specialized forms of transportation beyond a typical speeder or starfighter.

  • Vehicles: In settings where the Consular's presence should go undetected, the Ascendant Personal Stealth Flyer offers a nearly invisible cloaking system. The Oduran Luxury Landspeeder is a six-seater vehicle built to impress, implying wealth and prestige to those you may negotiate with.
  • Starships: The T-6 Shuttle features the maneuverability of a small starfighter with just enough space for a politically important passenger or two. The Consular-Class Light Cruiser was engineered specifically for diplomatic missions, ferrying diplomats and Consulars for the Galactic Republic and protecting them with a near impenetrable armor—perfect for protecting important negotiations.

Expanding Your Campaign

Even without a Consular player character, Disciples of Harmony offers multiple opportunities to expand your galaxy and grow your campaign. Beyond the gear and vehicles above, you will discover tools to build on your characters backstories.

Mentors are an integral part of the Star Wars story, and emerging Force sensitives in Force and Destiny often have someone teaching them the ways of the Force, or at least trying to. Disciples of Harmony features a process for developing mentor NPCs with rich histories, guiding Game Masters in the ways to realize iconic moments in a player character's development at the gaming table. Game Masters can use this book to plot the mentor's backstory, describe how they survived the purge of the Jedi, flesh out their individual training history, and establish  them as a consultant, challenger, trainer, or something more sinister.

In addition to fleshing out the backgrounds of player characters, Disciples of Harmony provides Game Masters with another valuable asset: seeds for adventures suited specifically to the strengths of a Consular. For instance, "Return from the Dark" places the player characters in contact with a friendly NPC who has information relating to a former pupil who has fallen to the dark side and presumed to be lost or dead. There is hope for this pupil's redemption, though there is also fear they may be a danger to their community. A party will need to not only redeem the fallen student but convince the community that these outsiders are here to help.

Disciples of Harmony offers multiple adventure hooks as well as guides for Game Masters on how to craft diplomatic scenarios.

Study as a Disciple of Harmony

To see all Disciples of Harmony has to offer your campaign, visit a gaming store near you and pre-order this Star Wars: Force and Destiny sourcebook. In it, you'll find new equipment and adventures, new Consular specializations, new races, and more.

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