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Sentinel Specialization Decks Are Now Available

The Sentinel is a hero apart from her peers. It's not that they are perpetually willing to face insurmountable odds in the defense of pure ideals, helpless innocents, or hard justice, it's that they are morally obligated to do that which others are unwilling to do in the name of righteousness. There is no duty too heavy, no threat too great that the Sentinel will not rise to meet. It is this implacable will that sets the Sentinel apart, that rises them above the rest.

Manage your talent choices more easily with the Sentinel Specialization Decks available now for the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ Roleplaying Game. These decks, made in our In-House Factory, bring the new specializations introduced in the Endless Vigil sourcebook right to your fingertips! Each of the four decks, corresponding to one specialization and the Sentinel signature abilities, features full-color artwork and rules text for all of the talents available in each specialization. These handy cards make tracking and referencing your character’s talent options quick and easy for players and gamemasters alike.

Patient Detectives, Daring Speedsters, and Vigilant Defenders

Each new 20-card deck provides the full tree for the Sentinel specializations featured in Endless Vigil:

  • Investigator - Bringing the highest caliber of intuition and perception to bear, the Investigator lives to solve crimes and other mysteries. By attuning themselves to the impressions left in the Force after violent acts, Investigators are able to use the Sense the Scene talent to determine the emotional state of someone involved in the crime. Pursuing and apprehending the perpetrators of these crimes allow Investigators to restore a bit of harmony to the Force.
  • Racer - To a casual observer, a Racer may seem to simply have heightened awareness and lightning reflexes. The truth, though, is that the Racer’s connection to the Force gives them an uncanny perception of the interplay between time and space allowing them to understand the relationship of things as they are and as they might be. This allows the Racer to navigate with preternatural precision and foresight. Talents such as Supreme Full Throttle and Better Luck Next Time elevate the Racer above the competition, while Intuitive Evasion focuses the Racer’s connection with the Force to provide a defensive bonus to a vehicle or starship.
  • Sentry - Sentries stalk the shadows of the galactic underworld, stalwart protectors of the helpless. To the oppressor, a Sentry is a mysterious and implacable foe who resists with unorthodox methods. Sentries carefully balance their surgical use of fear and aggression with the duty to protect others, and so quite often must be aware of their accruing Conflict score. The Sentry specialization features the potent Improved Reflect talent which allows the Sentry to take advantage of careless ranged attacks made by enemies to turn them back on her foes. Fear the Shadows harnesses the Deception skill to inject panic into the minds of enemies, causing them to abandon the fight completely.

In addition to the three new specialization trees, Endless Vigil also introduces two decisive Signature Abilities available to any character with the Sentinel career! The Sentinel Signature Abilities deck contains eighteen cards representing the two Signature Abilities and their associated upgrades, providing players with a quick reference of these powerful capabilities.

Unmatched Vigilance provides the Sentinel with ultimate control over the flow of a combat scene. For the first one to three rounds of an encounter, the Sentinel may decide the initiative order of participants, and possibly even perform bonus a bonus maneuver to give themselves a surprise advantage. This edge is not always best spent with the players acting first, however, as the ability offers upgrades that reward the Sentinel and their party for allowing their opponents to take their actions earlier but at a disadvantage, potentially drawing the enemy into a deadly trap or causing a brash overextension that can expose vulnerability.

Players seeking more narrative-focused function may be drawn to the My City Signature Ability. Utilizing the knowledge of urban environments, My City provides the Sentinel with a wealth of information regarding the individuals and organizations of that city which can be recalled freely at the cost of strain. Upgrades to the Ability include bonuses to the dice pools of Streetwise and Survival checks to navigate the terrain and society of the city, as well as being able to utilize the physical space of the city itself to provide additional cover in combat situations.

In addition to the usefulness to players, these Specialization Decks provide a great benefit to gamemasters as well! Aside from the obvious advantage of being able to quickly reference rules, these cards are a fantastic tool to quickly assemble effective and evocative NPCs for the players to interact with. Perhaps the Imperial Security Bureau agent tracking rumored Force-sensitives is more than he appears and has a bit of an ‘unnatural’ ability to analyze crime scenes to which the players may have contributed. A rival pod racer may have access to the Improved Shortcut talent which lets her push herself a little harder to try to edge out the party trying to win the biggest Holo-broadcasted race in history. The potential is endless in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game!

A Shield Against the Dark Side

The new Sentinel Specialization and Signature Abilities decks are available today from your local retailer and our online store!

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