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Learn More About Savage Spirits and Its Associated Specialization Decks

"I don’t know anyone named Obi-Wan, but old Ben lives out beyond the dune sea. He’s kind of a strange old hermit."
     –Luke Skywalker

The Force flows through all things. It binds the galaxy together. And if you open yourself to its call, it can lead you just about anywhere…

You may have already taken your first steps along the path toward your destiny with Savage Spirits, the Seeker sourcebook for Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™. Now, you can proceed further along your chosen path with four new, Seeker-focused Specialization and Signature Abilities Decks!

Each of these four decks comes with cards that make it easy for you to access the rules for all the different talents associated with one of the specializations or signature abilities from the Savage Spirits sourcebook. Whenever you learn a new talent, you can keep its card with your character sheet.

Having the rules immediately at hand can not only save you time looking them up in the middle of an exciting roleplaying session, but it can also help you remember to make use of your talents. Plus, each card features evocative, full-color artwork that helps to get you in a Star Wars frame of mind.

The Seekers' Legacy

For the thousand-some generations of the Jedi Order, the galaxy's Seekers have followed the Force, seeking their destiny wherever they were led. This frequently left them on the outside of civilization, but it also led them to many discoveries. They were among the first to plot the hyperspace lanes, using the Force as their guide. They were the ones who most likely discovered the priceless Crystal Caves of Ilum. Seekers uncovered ancient Jedi outposts and abandoned Sith Temples alike.

Now, with Savage Spirits and its associated Specialization Decks, you can explore even more of the Seeker's legacy within your Force and Destiny campaign.

Savage Spirits and its 96 full-color pages flesh out the Seeker career with three new specializations, two signature abilities, three playable species, and a bestiary of seventeen different creatures that might serve as adversaries or bonded companions—or both. Meanwhile, new weapons, gear, and armor serve your Seeker well during hunts in the wilderness. New vehicles and starships help you explore the galaxy. And new information about Seekers and their possible motives can help you either more fully conceive a new Seeker character or better incorporate your friends' into your ongoing campaign.

The four associated Specialization and Signature Abilities Decks make it easier for you to assimilate this wealth of information, keeping much of it at your fingertips.

New Specializations

Previously, our announcement of Savage Spirits identified the book's new specializations, and we looked at some of the different ways the Executioner specialization allows you to become an apex predator. However, not all paths lead toward violence, and some Force-sensitive characters may even choose to avoid it as best they can—even if that means they must travel far away to some remote location.

Like many of the specializations in Force and Destiny, the Hermit specialization offers much more than you might catch on just one glance. By leading lives isolated from the impositions and irritations of outsiders, Hermits can better focus on developing their abilities and connections to the Force. Free from outside distractions, these characters may further themselves in ways previously unimaginable to them.

That doesn't mean, however, that Hermits will always remain isolated. Those who can be convinced to rejoin society can be of great value, not only in their use of the Force but also in dealing with wilderness survival and deadly creatures. They may not always feel at home in the Core worlds and large cities, but their skills in dealing with the galaxy's wilderness regions can make them invaluable for ensuring the party’s survival in harsher climates.

As a specialization, the Hermit offers your Seeker the ability to forage for food, water, and shelter, and like the Pathfinder specialization from the Core Rulebook, the Hermit permits you to acquire an Animal Bond. This is particularly notable because while the Hermit's skills don't suggest a focus on lightsaber techniques or combat of any sort, the fact that the specialization allows you to raise your Force rating twice means that you can increase your bonded companion's silhouette rating to the point where it may be able to defend you from just about anything you might face.

New Signature Abilities

No matter whether you stick with the specializations from the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook or explore the new ones from Savage Spirits, your Seeker will almost certainly relish the opportunity to take advantage of one of the sourcebook's new Signature Abilities, Unexpected Demise and Unmatched Pursuit. Available only to experienced Seekers, who have developed their talents all the way down to the bottom rows of their talent trees, these Signature Abilities promote narrative and mechanical abilities that are both truly exceptional and distinctly within the Seeker's realm.

Executioners and Hunters may appreciate the way Unexpected Demise allows them to further establish their roles as apex predators. With Unexpected Demise, you can spend an action and two Destiny Points early in an encounter to identify your foes' weaknesses. Then, in each of the next two rounds, you can use a maneuver to exploit that weakness, adding a Triumph result to your next combat check. Developing this ability further allows you to increase its duration, reduce the amount of Destiny Points you need to spend to trigger it, and improve your chances of successfully pinpointing your foes' vulnerabilities.

Pathfinders, Navigators, and other Seekers may prefer to develop their abilities with Unmatched Pursuit, which ensures that they can keep pace with any NPC or vehicle that attempts to flee from them. It is more narrative in its design than Unexpected Demise and, as a result, may require more imagination on the part of the players and Game Master, but it transforms your Seeker into a paragon of pursuit and can lead to fantastic chase sequences on both the personal and planetary scale.

Only the most experienced Seekers can ever unlock the secrets of either of these Signature Abilities, so when you do, it's an achievement worth commemorating with the Seeker Signatuer Abilities Deck. You earn one card each time you master a new talent. A group of these cards next to your character sheet serves as visible proof of your skills.

New Species

Because they spend so much of their time exploring the galaxy, Seekers are prone to encountering a wide variety of different alien species. Savage Spirits introduces three more of these sentient aliens as playable species: Anx, Ithorian, and Quermian.

From left to right: Quermian, Ithorian, and Anx

The brawny, reptilian Anx loom over most other sentient species, despite their natural hunched posture. This fact, along with their deep, rumbling voices and the color-changing crests atop their heads, means that there is no mistaking an Anx anywhere in the galaxy. In Savage Spirits, the Anx become playable as a species with three brawn whose innate grasp of anatomy allows them to excel as both healers and duelists. Meanwhile, their durable frames and fearless attitudes make them capable of intervening in dangerous places and putting their talents to good use.

Often referred to by the nickname “Hammerheads,” Ithorians are easily recognized for their unusual head structure and vocal apparatus. In their native societies, Ithorians are almost universally pacifists, eschewing conflict in order to keep their planet and society as close to their concept of "Mother Jungle" as possible. Violence is, in fact, so anathema to Ithorian life and society that those who act violently are exiled, and these exiles may become bitter and vulnerable to the lure of the dark side.

The Quermians are a tall, spindly species, with slender torsos surrounded by six limbs—including two pairs of arms—and extended necks nearly as lengthy as the trunks from which they rise. Their species is a offshoot of the Xexto, produced through genetic tampering long ago by Arkanian scientists. Although larger, Quermians tend to be less physically adept than their Xexto cousins and rarely make full use of their great height or the extended reach of their four arms. Instead, most of them rely on the extensive mental processing power offered by their dual brains, which they use to read other species for their own benefit.

New Paths

Whether you pick up Savage Spirits to make use of the options it affords your Seeker or because you're a Game Master looking to lead your friends into the galaxy's untamed wildernesses, you'll find it an exciting and useful gateway to much of what makes the Star Wars universe so utterly wild, alien, and fantastic. Create a new character using the book's new species, advance your existing character by learning one of the book's new specializations, or master your talents with one of the book's new signatures abilities.

Savage Spirits is available at your local retailer, and its associated Specialization Decks are now available as well. Pick up your copies today!

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