Bring Balance to the Force

Discover Three New Consular Specializations in Disciples of Harmony

“Pass on what you have learned.”
  –Yoda, Return of the Jedi

It a testament to the times when the path of peace feels more dangerous than that walked by the warrior, but in a galaxy ruled by the Galactic Empire, this is the unfortunate truth. It is in these times that we need those champions of harmony more than ever, and this very duty falls to that of the Consular, duty-bound to follow the will of the Force and bring harmony to war-torn planets. Disciples of Harmony is an all-new sourcebook for Consular characters in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game that expands their role in the universe and opens up new races, equipment, specializations, and adventures.

A Consular's goal is to seek peace in all things, but there is no single path to balance. Disciples of Harmony introduces three new Consular specializations, adding to the the Sage, Healer, and Niman Disciple options presented in the Force and DestinyCore Rulebook. Today's preview offers you a glimpse of these three new paths: Arbiter, Ascetic, and Teacher.

Arbiter: The Open Hand

The Arbiter knows that there always exists a path to balance, no matter how hopeless an encounter may seem. These Consulars focus their dedication to peace into active negotiations, seeking diplomatic resolutions to conflict and viewing all parties as potential allies. Because they have chosen the path of the peacemaker, characters who select the Arbiter as their starting specialization add Knowledge (Xenology), Lightsaber, Negotiation, and Perception to their list of career skills.

Negotiation and conflict resolution come naturally to the Arbiter, and whether they are fully aware of their attunement to the Force or not, they are often drawn to career paths that seek to bring peace to the galaxy. Some find themselves in positions as high-ranking diplomats seeking to work within the Galactic Empire, while others may work directly with the Rebel Alliance to help societies break free of Imperial rule. While these higher profile roles are essential, many Arbiters do their work in secret, noticing the ebbs and flows of politics and commerce and working as advisors to corporations and other groups to help bring peace to the galaxy. 

Peace is always the ultimate goal of the Arbiter, but when the time for negotiation is at an end, even a Consular must be ready for more direct methods of conflict resolution. The Arbiter knows this and practices its, always regrettable, eventuality.

Ascetic: The Quiet Mind

Some Consulars who follow the path of the Ascetic may wish to contemplate the greater role of the Force while secluded from worldly distractions. Others still may simply seek to distance themselves from some past failure, utilizing meditation and harmony as a form of therapy. Regardless of their motivation, the Ascetic is driven to a calmer and more contemplative approach to life, judging accomplishments not by the number of credits in their bank account or the number of possessions they accrue, but by their depth of understanding of the Force.

Ascetic characters' solitary nature has allowed them an opportunity to quiet their mind and focus their body, adding the career skills of Athletics, Discipline, Resilience, and Vigilance. While the typical Consular may focus on acquiring skills helpful to conflict resolution, the Ascetic sharpens their mind to a pinpoint focus. By studying the Force in solitude and living on the fringes of society, the Ascetic has learned to make do with whatever is on hand, encouraging survival in even the harshest of climates.

Although solitude leaves many Ascetics lacking in social awareness and communication, they often prove to be the most versatile characters in a group due to their high strain threshold and demanding physical training.

Teacher: The Greatest Gift

How can one who feels the draw of the Force best serve the galaxy? By passing on their accumulated knowledge and wisdom to another. Some Teachers are classically trained and still practice the methods of the now-fallen Jedi Temple, while others are self-taught and have crafted their own lessons and methods. Through their specialization as Teachers, Consulars can help their allies attain even greater heights than they would have achieved alone. Teachers add Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore), Leadership, and Perception to their list of career skills.

While the Arbiter resolves conflict and the Ascetic focuses inward, the Teacher seeks to bring out the hidden talents of those around her. Having felt the Force throughout their lives, most Teachers reach the point where their desire to pass their knowledge on overcomes their drive to expand their individual understanding of the Force. Rather than become more skilled in the Force, the Teacher would prefer to see her students surpass her in knowledge and experience.

Few Teachers need a formal classroom, easily turning a cramped freighter or a humid swamp into a place of learning for their students. The path of a Teacher is rarely one that is selected; rather, it is thrust upon them. A group will often find that there is no greater ally than a mentor who can pass down their knowledge of the Force.

Call to Action

Acquiring a new specialization can be an excellent opportunity to roleplay the development of a player's character who has likely grown and changed significantly since their creation. Find a new path for your world-weary Consular or create a brand new character devoted solely to one of these new specializations. 

Disciples of Harmony offers you the tools to expand the role of the Consular in your campaign. New equipment will expand your characters' conflict resolution options, and a pair of new Force powers may help your Consular achieve peace without needing to wield a weapon. You can pre-order Disciples of Harmony now at your local gaming store.

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