The Wars to Come

Announcing an Expansion for The Iron Throne Board Game

"Winter is coming, and we know what's coming with it. We can't face it alone."
     –Jon Snow

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Wars to Come, an expansion for Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne!

Along with ten new leaders, divided between two new Houses—House Greyjoy and House Martell—The Wars to Come features everything you and your friends need to expand your games of The Iron Throne to seven players. Can you rise above all six of your rivals to claim the Iron Throne? The Wars to Come ensures that you'll not only find yourself confronted by more Houses, but by more of the chaos created by war and your opponent's unpredictable talents.

Additionally, The Wars to Come introduces a deck of twenty-five new allies. These iconic characters root your schemes and politics more firmly in the world of HBO's acclaimed Game of Thrones, even as they permit access to a wide range of new abilities that can dramatically change the shape of a battle—or even the game!

Two New Houses

With The Wars to Come, House Greyjoy and House Martell join the ongoing schemes, battles, and betrayals of The Iron Throne. Like each of the five Great Houses from the Core Set—which we recently reviewed in our article, House Words—Greyjoy and Martell each come with five leader sheets, five character tokens, and a house deck full of surprises.

So what can we expect as these Houses join the fray?

With leaders like Theon Greyjoy and Balon Greyjoy,  House Greyjoy rewards you for taking bold and aggressive moves. Win battles early, and you set yourself up to win more battles later. As Greyjoy, you'll have little to reward you for your more diplomatic efforts, but you'll command a host of tricks that allow you to change the outcome of hostilities and that reward you for taking hostages.

The Martells are remarkably different, serving as just one reminder of how incredibly diverse the various Houses and their playstyles can be. Their schemes are subtler and directed less toward winning your challenges than encouraging your opponents to direct their challenges elsewhere. Oberyn Martell guarantees would-be attackers that their hostilities will never result in clean victories, and while you may be able to hide your House's Vindictive nature for a time, it's bound to show in the endgame.

Finally, the fact that these two Houses will soon join the struggles for the Iron Throne means that there will be seven Houses represented in The Iron Throne, and you will be able to enjoy its negotiations and hostilities with as many as six of your friends.

Here to Serve

The Iron Throne may sit in King's Landing, but the struggles of The Iron Throne extend through all the Seven Kingdoms and beyond—even north of the Wall and across the sea to Essos. The result is that there are few (if any) whose lives are not touched by the game's intrigues, battles, and power brokering. And if you're not playing the game, then you're merely a pawn to be played.

Accordingly, you'll find twenty-five of the most iconic and powerful characters from the Game of Thrones offering their services to one or another House in The Wars to Come. These include the likes of Jon Snow,   Syrio Forel,  and Missandei,  and their abilities may very likely save you from disaster or lead you to glory.

The use of these allies is entirely optional, but when you and your friends agree to add them to your games, you start with one and may elect to draw additional allies instead of collecting the standard rewards for winning your battles.

Seven Kingdoms. Seven Houses. One Iron Throne.

"When your dragons were born, our magic was born again."
     –Pyat Pree

Immerse yourself more fully in the world of Game of Thrones—not just its intrigues and battles, but its personality and magic, too. The Wars to Come expansion for The Iron Throne brings all these things more fully to life than ever before.

Recruit new allies to your cause. Enter the fantasy world of Game of Thrones as either the Greyjoys or Martells. Battle up to six friends for control of the Iron Throne. The Wars to Come is scheduled to arrive at retailers in the second quarter of 2017!

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