4 December 2017 | Star Wars: Destiny

Planning and Patience

The Star Wars™: Destiny Regional Championships Are Here

"To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, art."
     –Grand Admiral Thrawn

How will you approach the Regional Championships for Star Wars™: Destiny?

Will you slam straight into your enemy, supported by a deck full of blasters and vehicles of war? Will your characters ignite their lightsabers and adopt a more defensive stance? Or will you aim toward an entirely different endgame—one that subverts expectations and leaves your opponents stunned when their draw decks are empty and their last cards slip out of their hands?

The range of viable Destiny tactics and strategies continues to grow with each new release, and that means the current Regional Championship season is bound to be one full of daring gambits, desperate tactics, and thrilling battles.

Star Wars: Destiny Regional Championships run in the US and Canada from November 25, 2017 through March 25, 2018, during which time we plan to see the release of the Luke Skywalker Starter Set, Boba Fett Starter SetLegacies Booster Packs, and Rivals Draft Set.

This means that these high-energy events won't just be great opportunities to meet new players and test your skills; they'll also be some of your first opportunities to gain a deep appreciation for all the new tricks and tactics bound to emerge with the new holocrons, indirect damage icon, plot cards, and the changing metagame.

And just for enjoying the game you already love, you put yourself in contention for an array of exclusive prizes…

The Prizes

When you head to the Star Wars: Destiny Regional Championships, you'll discover more than battles and battle tactics. You'll find a range of prizes that speak to the game's history, its philosophies, and its stunning displays of art. And the best part is that you don't even have to win to claim some of these fantastic prizes.

Prizes extend all the way to the Top 64 participants at each event, meaning even a dedicated Padawan can walk away with prizes worthy of a Jedi Master!

  • Top 64: Alternate art Patience. Sometimes your deck is built to rip straight into your opponent's characters with lightsabers and blaster fire. Sometimes your strategy requires a little more patience… With its warm depiction of Rey on the sands of Jakku, this alternate art Patience might be just the key.
  • Top 16: Clear acrylic damage tokens. Your characters are bound to suffer damage in your games of Destiny, but you can't let that damage break your focus. Placed near your characters, these clear acrylic damage tokens won't distract you from your goals, even as they indicate the damage your characters have suffered.
  • Top 8: Rey and Kylo Ren playmat. To the Top 8 players at each Destiny Regional Championship, we are happy to award this stunning playmat, which features artwork of Rey and Kylo Ren inspired by Episode VIII, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Borrow Rey's resolve or Kylo Ren's astonishing power!
  • Top 4: Plastic, full-bleed Grand Admiral Thrawn card. Every great strategy deserves a master strategist. And this plastic Grand Admiral Thrawn card brings one of the Empire's greatest strategists to your table bigger and bolder than ever, with extended artwork and greater durability.
  • Champion: Regional Champion trophy and National Championship prize bye. To the Champion go the spoils—plus a first-round prize by at the region's National Championship, as well as a stunning Regional Championship trophy inspired by the medals awarded to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo after the destruction of the first Death Star.

Don't Wait Too Long

Patience may be a virtue, but only while there's still time… And the time to find a Destiny Regional Championship near you is now!

Head to our list of Star Wars: Destiny Regional Championships to find the event nearest to you, and make your plans to attend. Join us for high-energy competition and your chance to make new friends, discover new tactics, and enjoy the ever-evolving Destiny metagame!

     Gameplay photo courtesy of Friends & Foes Amsterdam.

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